How Can I Stop Being A Complainer?


I’m a complainer. I complained almost on everything. Since I’m getting older, I want to change and become a positive person but I can’t help myself because there’s always a thing for me to complaint. How do I handle this?


When you are in this situation, you have to remind yourself that you are just a human. What you have experienced are just these:

  1. Your goal is to be a better person (like trying to be positive thinker, optimistic and so forth)
  2. Then, there’s always a situation that challenge you (like things that make you complaint)
  3. Result: it put you in the middle of ‘being a person you aim to be’ or ‘being a person you used to be’

In these three stages, it is okay to do the first two. It is okay to aim for something better and then take some challenges. Without challenges, you don’t get result. The only things you shouldn’t do is the third stage (putting yourself in the middle).

The reason I suggest not to go to that stage is because we are all human. As human, we can’t run away from being a complainer or a whiner. Putting yourself in the middle will only confuse you. How can I be positive because I just complained?

Stop asking yourself that question.

Constructive Solution:

Keep think positive even after you complained. That the first thing you should do.
Second is to keep a simple record on your complaint. How many times you complaint per day? And what sort of things you always complaint on?
Then, with this record, you will get clear picture about total complaints you made and how many complaints you want to reduce the next day.

Finally, each complaint reduced is a success to you. Each complaint reduced means you are changing to the person you want to be.


We can write hundreds of pages about ‘complaint’ because complaint makes us feel better at some point.  It also makes us feel good. It’s easy to complaint than to find solution. That’s why people choose to complaint and whine most of the time.

However, if you realize, the feeling good doesn’t last long because the more we complained, the more things happen for us to complaint. That is just a basic knowledge of Law of Attraction.

So if you have to complaint about something, make sure it’s useful to the party you complaint. Otherwise, leave it. It’s good to save your energy for something else.


If you have problems and you don’t have the solution, ask Ladyroses for help.

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