Secret Behind Home Cook Meals

Have you ever wondered why almost everyone belief that their mother’s cooking are the best? When my mother passed away, one of the things I missed the most was her cooking. Almost everyone who knows her will miss her cook. To be honest, foods she cooked save my health many years ago.

Have you ever wondered why when we are far from home, we will miss the home cook meals? We can travel around the world and get the same-name-foods but the taste will always different than the one we have at home. Why?

Experts explained that the touch of the hands makes different flavour to the foods. We are so used to the flavour since we are kids, therefore we miss the flavour.

However, I believe it is more than just a flavour. It is love that makes the cook taste nice and delicious. It is the energy of love that our mothers give when they cook. And the love doesn’t just happen to mothers. It takes place for everyone who cooks with love.

On the contrary, have you ever eat in the restaurant or hawker and you find that the food taste simply horrible? When I face this situation, I assumed the cooks don’t love cooking and they just do food business because they think it gives them instant money. They simply do it because of money. They have no passion in cooking; therefore they have no love in the food business.

Cooking with Love

I believe that everyone can cook simple dishes and still taste delicious and wonderful. It happens when they cook with love. Our mothers cook with love. Our fathers cook with love. The wives or the husbands cook with love.

Home Made Prawn Salad and Steam Fish

There are simple reasons for those who cook with love. It is either they cook because they simply love cooking …or they cook because they want the people they love eat safe food. Or it can be both. However, no matter what’s the reason is, love is in their cooking. The effort of cooking comes from love. The energy they give is full of love. If you don’t trust me on this, try cooking when you great anger or despair.

One of the blessings in life is to have good and delicious food to eat. It is even more bless when the food is served when we got back from the school or the office. All we have to do is sit at the dining table and enjoy the food. We may not realize it but it is not just the food is served but also the love.

Therefore, the best way to return the love and the blessing is to say thank you. It’s simple and yet meaningful words. This was how I said it to my mother and it is the same thing I say to people who always cook for me.

“Thank you for cooking with love”

Take a second to thank your mother or your father for the love they give through the food they cook. Thank your wife for the delicious and loving food she cooked. Thank your outstanding husband for the effort and love he give through his cooking. Take a simple gesture and thank those who do food business with love.

A simple thank will return the love back to them. A simple thank will build and strengthen the relationship in the family. A simple thank will give bless to our body and help the system process the food in the joyful ways.

Just a simple thank you and bon appétit folks!

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