What’s Your Personal Brand?

When I was standing in my garden this morning, I tried to recall few people names. The hardest part for me is to remember a person name (forgive me if I can’t remember yours). There were few times, people came to me and asked if I remember them. Sometimes I will try my best to remember; sometimes I just tell them “Forgive me. My memory is not that good“. I’m sure they’ll understand. However, I can easily remember a person traits (It’s funny to think how’s the brain actually work), especially when a person keep repeating same traits.

I have a friend who loves food so much. Every time I spend my time with her, I will get to know more about food. Of course, I remember her name but whenever I think of her, I think of food. If one day I forgot her name, I will remember she loves food. She’s a food lover. That’s her traits. Simon Cowell (Yeah! I remember his name) is a superb critics. That’s his traits. I also know a person who sleeps around with many people. When someone mentioned her name, somebody else will say “Oh the promiscuous woman!”. Promiscuous is her traits.

Personal traits lead to reputation. Both of these elements are link to each other. Both elements create a brand. Personal brand. Not many people aware of their personal brand. To them, brand means product. Think deeper; we are personal product of ours. That’s our brand. People will remember the brand. So imagine if the brand you carry right now is a bad brand!

Some people told me, “I am who I am!”. Nothing is wrong for being who you are. I respect those who stand being themselves. However, one thing I’m sure, no one wants to be remembered as a person who have bad and negative brand. If you have a negative brand, it means the surfaces you show to people around you are negative.

Take some times to evaluate your brand. Standing in front of the mirror for self reflection may not help. You only see yourself from your view. Try to see it from others people shoes. Ask people if you have too. If you do not know what to ask, you can try this question.

When I die, what will you remember most about me?”

You will find the answer in between their lines.

Have You Figured Out What's Your Personal Brand?

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