Should You Care?

Today’s question: Do you care what people think about you?

I’ve seen many reactions from individuals and let’s exclude businesses because in business, you have to care. If you choose not to care in business, you will lose customer. But in life and as individual, to care or otherwise will give you consequences.

I had a coffee chat with a friend of mine last week. I called her Qid and she shared something for personal standout. She told me this (something like this):

“I taught myself not to let people’s word affect my life…”

Her point was, she live her life by her own efforts. She drives where ever she thinks her life should have go. Therefore she believes there’s no point paying attention to people’s judgement about her life. What a standout principle one should have.

I’ve seen people who pay attention so much on people’s judgement. They are not just paying attention to it, they will often talk about the judgement people have spit on them. They didn’t realize, once they give their focus to it, the judgement expand. Once it expands, they get emotionally down by the judgement. Then, they will spend lots of time to stop people from judging them. So where is their life go? Everywhere but not forward.

If you always care about what people think about you, stop care about it. Stop at least 90% of it. Think about this:

Why should you care when they are not even helping you build your life positively?

And here’s a secret about people who talks about your cloths, about your body, about your career rank, about your family, about your car and almost about everything because they are being judged too. They just want you to feel equally judged. Let them say things they want to say because their words have no power over your life.

The only words you should pay attention to is those positive and constructive judgements that guide you to build better life. Put behind you those irrelevant and unnecessary judgement, comments and critics about your life. Most important thing is stop spending time on people’s judgement because the time you spend on critics and judgement is the time you lose in crafting your life.

Say this affirmation every time people try to pull you down by judging you: Their Words Have No Power over My Life. And be like Qid. I’ve seen her life, nothing but forward. You should too.

Talk To The Hand


Note: Dear Qid, if you ever read this, thank you for your experience shared with me the other day and thank you for being one good teacher to me. 

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