The Beauty of Spending Time Alone

When I help people built a new life for them, I noticed they have difficulties spending time with themselves, alone. To them, spending time alone means the person is lonely. Many of us so use to this term: “Connecting to People”, therefore connecting with ourselves can seems awkward and lonely activity. Is this true?

I beg to differ. As much as we need to build relationship and connect to people, we must first need to connect with ourselves. Here are the beauties of being company of you.

1) Build Your Strength.

When you spend time with people 247, you tend to depends on people to live your life.

Sick In Bed

Without people around you, you become helpless. In case of emergency, you lost your way. You can easily get panic because you never do things alone. Simple case, you lost your way in shopping mall parking space. Your sense of direction is lot less compare to a person who use to spend time alone in shopping mall.

Spending time alone helps you build your strength and be independent. You need this character in you because losing your way in shopping mall is nothing compares to fall sick when no one is around you.

2) Perfect Time to Learn About Yourself.

How many of you know things about your friends, their like and dislike? Now, asking same question, do you know what you like and dislike? Do you know who you are? Many people paused when I asked these questions. They took time to answer.

Everyone can learn better about themselves when they are alone. Spend time with yourself and you can learn many things. Better still, you can improve many things in your life.

3) Build Trust In You.

Trusts don’t just happen between people. You need trust in you. There’s no point trusting people when you can’t even trust yourself.

When you don’t have trust in you, you will never listen to your heart, instinct and guts. That’s the reason many people tend to fall apart. Lack of trust in them makes them believe they are incapable to stand on their own.

Stop depending on people trust. Build your own trust. Nothing is wrong with people’s trust. It just, yours is always better because it comes with senses, guts, instinct and your own judgment.

4) Build Your Sensitivity.

Spending time alone helps you build your senses. Ask yourself this question, which part of your body is feeling discomfort? Or, what are you feeling right now?

Our body, mind and soul speak to us every single second. Learn to respond by listening to it. No better way to do that unless you spend time alone. Use the moment to feel many things in you.

Build your sensitivity helps you stay alert with the surrounding too.  Learn how to use your senses better. When your sensitivity and senses are high, you can easily notice things even before it happen.

5) Expand Your Flexibility.

Spending time with people will limit your flexibility. When you are with people, you are bound to people. If you want to feel freedom and flexibility in enjoying your moment, spend time alone with yourself.

Creativity Means Life

6) Expand your creativity.

Try this; do something you like in any way you like. The result will mesmerize you. When you just with yourself, you’ll do things to feel enjoy. You will do things that make you feel alive. That’s where your creativity lies. Explore your potential without anyone judging you.

7) Build Your Focus.

It’s hard to focus when people are around you. I find my best focus is when I’m alone in a room, in front of my working desk. Quietness and silent helps my brain to work better. I can focus and play with my vision without limit. You will build better focus when noises around you shutting down bit by bit.

8′) Plan Your Future.

Great leaders spend time alone to plan their future and businesses. They do not do planning when they are with people. Time spend with people is to build relationship, not planning.

If you are serious in planning your future to every detail, I suggest you spend your time with yourself alone in quiet place, with a book and a pencil. What you will see is far clearer than what you see when you with people.

9) Self-Reflection Moment.

Spend five to ten minutes every night for self-reflection moment. Ask yourself, what have you done today that contradict your desire and who have you hurt? You will never get things you desire when these two elements are in your path. Recheck your actions and results. Find out if you have hurt people in the process reaching your goal. Find out if you are the one creating the crisis. Find out if you are running in same circle.

Self-reflection best done alone and it helps you see things in many perspectives. It gives you answer throughout your senses and sensitivity. Once you have the answer, make things right tomorrow.

10) Feel Alive

Our goal is to feel alive inside. Many people don’t feel alive even when they are spending time with people. If you feel this in you, it means you have no life foundation build in you. It also means you have no connection to your soul. The best way to connect is to spend time alone, learning and loving what’s in you.

So, if you think you need people to feel alive, think again. Being with people is just to enhance our living. The root of life is in us, us and us.

As a start, try to spend time alone for 10 minutes today. In that 10 minutes, switch off your TV and computer. Sit, be quiet and enjoy the time with yourself. When you use to it, you can spend more than 10 minutes. When you can do more than an hour, go out there and have fun with yourself at least once a week. Explore the world out there with your senses and have fun with yourself.

Make it a habit and you will find lots more in you.


Ladyroses helps people build better life and personality. For more information, please contact Ladyroses via email or meebo live chat.

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