The Power of Gratitude

I thought about this last night and planning to share it with my all my readers. I believe it is worth to live by this knowledge, to acknowledge the beautiful gift we all have in us. And this gift is our brains. Brain that works wonder and create imagination beyond anything in the world.

Before I went to bed last night, I had said this:

“Thank you God for the healthy mind I have and for the vision I able to imagine. Thank you for letting me create the path I want through this element – thoughts”

And I opened my eyes. Something hit my mind, and it makes me wonder. How does this work for Down syndrome people? How they see their life? For all we know, Down syndrome described as ‘… associated with some impairment of cognitive ability and physical growth…’-Wikipedia

Special People

Focus on this word: Cognitive. It means ‘…the scientific term for “the process of thoughts”…’ – Wikipedia.

Down syndrome people are unable to process thoughts, scientifically. If this is true, these special people are unable to create a vision like we do. They go as far as their mind can bring them, which is limited. They have a life but, they are unable to create it as far as we all do. While we imagine the life we want, they might not be able to do so. While we are allowed to create a vision and imagination through our thoughts, these special people have their limit to do so.

Thinking of it, wouldn’t you feel lucky that you have been given the greatest gift in life? A gift than allow you to create your life, the gift that allow you to adapt and expand every knowledge you receive, the gift than allow you to pick choices, the gift we all call “mind”? And yet, many of us do not use their mind and thoughts to create a better life through their beautiful imagination.

Why these people didn’t notice the power of their mind? The answer is no one will ever notice it until they say and feel gratitude. Mind is physically invisible. We always take invisible element less serious. Anything we can’t see in our life is frequently less serious compare to the things we can see and touch. That’s the reason we are always feeling our life small and nothing. That’s the reason we didn’t notice the gift of our mind.

Gratitude can offer you many things. It makes you see small things in the big picture. It makes you see the invisible, visible. It always makes you notice all the smaller things in life such as our toes, our eyebrows, our heartbeat, our brain and its ability to generate thoughts and imagination, our tiny little cells that work best for us and many more. Gratitude makes us feel that we actually have more. Gratitude makes us feel rich. It makes our life richer, bigger and more beautiful than before.

Most important, gratitude cost you nothing. It’s free. Use it day and night and you will see, your so-called small life will turn bigger than before.

And that’s the power that lies behind gratitude.


This article was written in previous blog – May 2011

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