Are You Running On Same Circle?

John Doe have been in his third relationship since 17 years ago. He divorced twice and his third marriage doesn’t seem give any different to him. According to him, he married a woman who carried same trait as his ex-wives. She loves to nag.

Somewhere in Asia, Jane Doe, an owner of a medium size company described her only problem in the organization – spending more time training newcomers than expanding her business. She realized the pattern since two years ago and she’s still training newcomers.

What Would You Feel If You Are Running in Same Circle?

What can you tell from both stories? The answer is they are running on same circle. It gets them nowhere so far and they keep coming back to same matter. If you realize, it took them years to figure it out and yet, they still running on same circle. Aren’t we all are too? So how do we know if we are running on the same circle?

It takes effort to see our lives from different point of view. Not many people love to evaluate their own life. For some reasons, we always thought we are right, therefore we do not need to evaluate ourselves and our lives. We insist that nothing is wrong with us and it always others that do wrong.

If you never mirror yourself, you can start doing it now. It is not to find blame but to improve your life. It is not to self-demoralize but to create progress in life. It is important to know if you running in same circle over these years. If you do, you can figure out how to break the point of the circle and create progress in life.

Spot the Circle.

1) Facing Same Problems

  • It’s easy to find out. List down things you always complaint about in a small book. Bring the book everywhere you go and jot down every single complaint you made. After a week, look back and figure this out: – What are the same complaints you made?
  • Get help from your closest friends. Ask them what are the things you always complaint about? Write it down too.

2) Same Pattern of life.

  • Ask yourself this question: – What are the newest things you have done recently? 

3) Getting Bored.

  • How many times you get bored in a week or in a month?
  • Can you remember when was the last time you told someone that you are feeling bored and tired with your life?

Once you have answered these questions, let’s go for the solutions.


1) Solving the Same Problems.

Solving Problems Will Make You Go Forward

Same complaints you made define what’s in your life. You don’t like it. You want to get rid of it. Somehow you believe you can’t because you thought the problem comes from others. Therefore, you make complaint. The more you complaint about certain problem, the more it define how deep it affect your life. Remember, no one complaint about anything if it doesn’t affect her emotionally or mentally.

Understand and accept the problems are the key to the solution. Never run away from it. When it comes to solve our problem, always open up our mind. It might not always be somebody else mistakes. It can easily be ours wrongdoing too. Get ready to accept it. This will also explain why all the previous solutions don’t work and still making us running on same circle. It makes thing easier to fix when we know the real source of the problem.

2) Create New Pattern in Life.

It’s easy to create new pattern in life. Learn new things. Do something you never do before. There are plenty of things you can do in life to fill up the enjoyment in you. When I insist people to learn new things, they always snap at it by saying “I don’t enjoy doing it” or “I don’t have time“. We all know it just an excuses. You wouldn’t know if you don’t enjoy it unless you experience it.

3) Create Progress.

Our soul, mind and body know how to tell us if we do not make progress in life. One of it is they give us these feelings, bored and uneasy. When they eager to create progress but we are doing the contradictory, they will start to shout inside us. That is how we get the uneasy feeling in us. When we didn’t know what is happening, it will make us feel bored with our lives.

Creating progress by progress will make you feel alive. I never heard people who make progress in life feel bored. All I know, they always move forward. After one progress, they create another new one. As far as I concern, they have happy souls with strong mentality. When our soul, mental and body are on same track, we will never get bored.

Finding Peace in You

If you start to feel bored, find a quiet place and feel what’s inside your heart. Talk to yourself. Figure out what makes you bored. Make a progress out of your boredom. Knowing what makes you feel bored is a progress itself. Last, find total closure and create more progress.

Stop running in the same circle. It gives you nothing but boring life. Just like what have been quoted by Robin Sharma “Many people live the same year 80 times and call it a life”. Make a progress and make one now!


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