Emotions of Love and Hate

There is an invisible element ‘located‘ in the middle of our body and it never appear physical, only can be explained through actions and words. The element we called it ‘Emotion’ are given to us and it cannot be separated from us.  We use emotion everyday in our lives especially for communication. As much as emotion is a tool to connect within ourselves or others, it also can be a tool that destroys our lives.

Since it cannot be separated from us, therefore the only matter is whether we make it grow or we only use it at the right time. There are emotions that give us peace and happiness in life when we outgrew them. There are also emotions that destroy our lives if we allow it become a master of all emotions.

In building our Personal Brand, we must know how to use the emotions, how to master it and what would be our main emotion that can represent us as a person. Before we know the technicality of mastering the right emotion, we must know these emotions are separated into two groups: Positive Emotions and Negative Emotions (refer pictures A and B)

Picture A: Positive Emotions

The ultimate Positive Emotions is Love, whereas the ultimate Negative Emotions is Hate. It is important for us to reach the ultimate positive emotion (Love) and avoid the ultimate negative emotion (Hate). And it is easy to reach Love than Hate.

Picture B: Negative Emotions

Picture B: Negative Emotions

When we use the positive emotions, it means we have outgrown love in us. Passion, enthusiasm, satisfaction, gratitude, joy, hope and excitement appear because we have love. Once we feel these positive emotions, we reach the Love.

As for negative emotions, we can’t throw it away but we can control it. Every negative emotions can bring us to feel hate, especially when we use it every day. For example, if a person can’t control her anger, soon or later she will reach the point where she feels hate at almost everything in her life. She will get angry at almost everything in her life. It also goes this way: when these negative emotions appear, it doesn’t mean we are full of hate (not yet because hate take times to grow). It just means we are lack of Love.

When there is love, hate will go away. 

In Law of Attraction (as describe in The Power book by Rhonda Byrne) it is important for us to live our daily lives at least 51% of it fill with positive emotions. It is called – Tipping Point. Of course it is impossible to live at 100% of joy and excitement everyday without a slight irritation, fear or worry. Therefore, it is okay to feel the negative emotions but only to use it as a quick respond of the event that occurs in our lives. It means, when someone throw a stone at you and you believe you should get angry because it is hurting you, be angry then…but only to pick up the stone and put it aside and not carry the stone and be angry at it every day for the rest of your life.

Note: Source of list of emotions is from the book – The Power by Rhonda Byrne.


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