The Universe in Us

Do you know what’s inside you are doing? Do you have a clue what is happening right now inside the cells in your body? Do you know what your lung cells were doing right now? You have no idea isn’t it? No worries. I’m no biology nerd and I have no idea what they were doing too. However, one thing I knew for sure that inside our bodies there are systems that works in harmony.

Sounds crazily positive? The answer is – this is what our bodies do. Every cell, every nerve is working in harmony. We don’t have to be a biologist to feel that. Try these three for a minute or two and you will feel the universe inside you is working in harmony.

Our Heart. Every Beats Give Us Life

The Heart

Close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat. Imagine your heart is beating (it’s not that hard to imagine it. Youtube it if you never seen a heart beats). Feel the sensation of every beats. Touch the left part of your chest like you are touching your heart. While doing that, realize this: These cells (in form of heart) are the reason you are still here, alive. These cells serve you right now without question and it doesn’t care who you are. Therefore, embrace it while it still beating.

The Brain

Close your eyes and imagine your brain. Imagine every thoughts you have are like lights moving from one part to another. Imagine every cell and neuron is transmitting knowledge and information. These cells are the reason you are still here, thinking and alive. You are no retard because these cells serve you well. It moves your entire body, it make sure your heart beats and it ensure the system inside you is working in harmony without you have to control it.

These cells (in form of brain) was place on top of our head as a sign of respect, therefore these cells is working with respect. It serves us with respect. As a return, respect them by generates good and beautiful thoughts.

The Brain and Mind That Control Our System

The Lungs

Now imagine your lungs. These cells serve you breathing. When you were sleeping, it still serves you. Place your hands on your chest and feel the air moving inside and out. Embrace these cells because they serve you without you have to carry a tank of oxygen everywhere you go.

The Lungs That Help Us Breathing

We can imagine and feel every part of our bodies and how they serve us without judging us at all! All these cells collaborate with each other’s without we have to control them every seconds. It’s like the external universe where the sun, the moon, the winds, the clouds, the stars and everything else are working accordingly without our control. So, the systems inside us represent a universe too.

These days, the lifestyle is making us busy and paying attention on the external instead of the internal. It makes us forget that what’s inside us that give us the freedom to explore the external universe. If any of these cells or any part of the universe inside us stops working, we will be stop living too. If any part of these system shutting down or fail to work, we will physically fail to live too.

How to Love Them?

It would be beautiful to embrace every cell, every nerve and every working system we have inside us. Embrace them by listening to them. Love them by pay attention to them. Send prayers and gratitude to them for working in harmony. Feed them with good things, good foods and good thoughts (for the brain). Most important thing, never judge them especially when we get sick. Never call them by the sickness. Believe in them because they know their work. They know what God make them to do. Believe that they are trying their best to heal the sickness in us.

For them, who never judge us even for a second…and for them that work with love and in harmony for us, I believe we should do the same too.

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