Why We Need Closure?


A simple word to the world. So simple that it makes most of us forget how important closure in our lives. The meaning behind it is deeper than any words in the world can describe it. There’s no guidelines how we should perform closure. Closure is very subjective in terms of understanding and manifestation. Everyone carry different way of closure.

I watched Source Code last week and I came back home with thousand questions in my mind. One of the main question is ‘Can we live without closure?’

When Captain Colter Stevens acted by Jake Gyllenhaal requested his service to be terminated and he choose to die, it makes me realize that what we actually need is closure. I have to admit, the movie gave impact to my emotion. I can’t imagine my life or soul being stuck with something, no progress and no moving elsewhere. It will be neither there nor here.

There are many tragedies or events in life that leave many people hang in the middle without closure. For example, a family who lost their child and body was never discovered. When there’s no funeral take place, possibility no closure takes place too. Part of us may want to believe the child died but part of it wants to hope for his return. Another example is a husband who disappears and leaves the wife hanging with uncertainties. The wife can’t move on because no closure takes place in their relationship.

Closure doesn’t relate to death and relationship only. Closure touches us in everything we do. As matter of fact, we do closure almost every day in our lives. Most of the closures we perform are physical and material closure. For instance, you need to submit your sales report by tomorrow evening. You close your report by today and present to your manager by tomorrow. After you have presented to him, he gives you approval on the report. The approval is the closure for you. You can now move on to the next task.

As simple as it may sound, we all need to understand closure in every aspect. We know we can handle physical closure. As long we are train to do better, we can perform physical closure easily. How about emotion closure and spiritual closure? Do we perform better in these two areas?

What is emotion and spiritual closure?

I’ll start with a question. Do you feel doubts and uncertain about something in your life? Take a moment to feel your emotion. If you have a doubts and uncertain feeling about something in your life, it means you have not do any closure on the matter yet.

Letter of resignation

When I was working few years back, I’ve been transferred to handle a new project far from my home town. I moved to the city of Kuala Lumpur and started to work on the project. The first month, my life was in the hotel room at night and in the warehouse from morning to late night. After weeks, I started to feel uncomfortable living in the hotel room. I want a place to settle down. The company I worked with is a very great company but due to this new project, the management stop focusing on their employees’ need. As much as I want to settle down, I refuse to do so until the management give me a transfer letter. It took them months to provide me one. I have no choice to settle down myself. Part of it has been closure to me. The other part has been dragged for months, waiting for them to provide me a transfer letter.

I knew I can’t wait for a letter to give me closure. I knew I should create my own closure. One day, I decided to quit and give closure to it. I cried when I decided to leave but deep inside me I know the closure is important for my life. It does not give me happiness at the time but it gave me peace.

When it comes to emotion and spiritual, most of us didn’t realize it existence until we’ve been force to give comfort to it. We do not know how important closure to our emotion and spiritual until we’ve been force to act on it. This is the part where many of us don’t know that emotion and spiritual closure are as important as physical closure.

Why do we need closure?

Find your closure like closing an opened door

Once you find closure, it will give you comfort to your emotion. It makes you complete. It gives peace to your mind and soul. Even the closure is a physical or material closure. Any closure always gives us peace of mind.

Second, matter without closure is like an open door. When we see it open, we tend to walk through it in and out, back and forth. In life, it gives us more matter to opt. The more we have on our list, the harder it feels to give closure.

Third, closure also means ‘done‘ and ‘finished’. As human, we crave for progress in life. We always want to move on. Closure gives us green light to move on. We certainly can’t move on when we never done or never finished. We will hang in the middle, neither there nor here.

Even though closure doesn’t promise us happiness as achievement, but closure promise us completeness. Peaceful. Achieved. Satisfaction. Closure helps us move on and create progress in life. We all need closure. Find out if something in your life need a closure. Get it done and move on. Happiness will come along.

Last, find the closure in everything you do and enjoy the completeness and peaceful feeling you’ll get as a reward.

Feel the completeness after the closure

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