Breaking Up – How to Let Him Go?

You are so in love with him but the relationship ended anyway. No matter how hard you try, he chooses to leave.

And now you are feeling the pain from breaking up with him. You have no choice but to move on. Here are few quick tips to help you go through the healing period.

  • Breaking Up Is Not Easy and Hurtful

    Allow your mind to focus on other matters. Every time when you mind bring you back on him, snap out of it. Say this to yourself “It will pass” (It means him and entirely him)

  • When your mind stop focus on him, your heart will follow. When your mind stop think of him, your sadness, hurt and frustration will stop growing. When it does, you have untied the emotion knot between you and him.
  • Basic Law of Attraction – your mind and emotion attract things into your life. To let him go is to break the attraction. Don’t keep him in your heart and you’ll stop attracting him into your life.
  • Remember, when one door closed, another will open. Take it as opportunity to move on for greater love. Something beautiful is waiting if you allow yourself to move on.
  • Pray for your mind, emotion and soul. Then pray for him (it helps for those who feel revenge). Give forgiveness and you get forgiveness. Set him free and you set yourself free too.
  • Aware of this: You can’t erase him from your memory because that’s not how our brain works.  But you can erase him from your emotion by stop him to growth inside your heart.

So people say “it is times that heal you” and some others say “it is love that heal you”. But for me “It is time, love and your effort that heals you”. So, give yourself some credit for the courage to move on.

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