Attracting Money – The Fun Way

I was performing short meditation this morning and visualize wealth (especially money) in many ways. Few minutes later, I giggled while my whole body still on meditation post. A scene of money appeared in my mind and it filled me with joy. Remembering back the scene makes me feel hilarious, joy, abundance and happy.

Throw the Money You Have Into The Air and Feel The Joy Doing It

Few nights ago, my soul mate took few hundred dollars from her wallet and threw it to the air. Before she throws it, she nudged me softly and she said “Look!” and she threw it to the air.

Then I took my turn. I collected back the money and threw it again and we do it for another round. Not just that. Shortly after I collected the money, I placed it on the bed and lie on it. I even rolled over it like a sea-seal having fun rolling on the floor.

We were laughing. It was joyful and the feeling I had came to me back this morning during meditation. I realized that I don’t have to wait for million dollars of money to throw it to the air or sleep on it. All we need were few papers to experience the ‘money fall from the sky’. It was the feeling that counts and what I felt was priceless.

This is what I’ve learnt. When you think of money, you must think, visualize and feel the joy of it. Don’t think about your debts or the figure you have on the paper. Think and feel the emotion of joy. Feel the abundance. Feel like it flows freely in your life. Feel like it showers into your life like a pouring rain.

If you are feeling down because you have debts to pay or you don’t get the money you want, try this method. Grab the money you have in your wallet or your drawer and create the fun in your own way. Play game with it. Hold the money like it’s more than you wants. Act like you can buy anything you want with it. Do things you imagine to do with lots of cash in hand. Create the scene you wish to feel with the money.

Lastly, feel the joy and abundance throughout the game. And enjoy yourself.

Imagine the Money Come Into Your Life Like a Pouring Rain

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