Candle of Life

A friend of mine, Oscar Lai (A Founder of Soul Circle and Women in Suits) told me this:

“Darkness in life happens so we would recognize lights in life” – Oscar Lai.

It’s a beautiful saying. In doing what I’m doing, I get to know that almost every person I knew were in darkness moments before they find their lights and build greatness in their lives. The whole circle of darkness and light is just as same as a candle in a dark room. I used this analogy to explain to people how important we being a candle to ourselves and to people in our lives.

And yes, we are the candles. When we light up the fire, even if it just a small fire, we actually give light to ourselves. With this light, we help us walk through the darkness.

Not just that. With this light, we actually help others see us too. Here’s the logic, no one can see us when we are standing  in darkness. People and the world can only see us when we are in the light. And here’s the best part, this little light are so powerful that it will help others lighten up their candles too.

There are many things a candle can do in life. It passes the light from one to another. And the light passes loves. A candle can give light to a room. Thousand candles can give light to the whole village. Millions of candles can give lights to the world.

Be the one candle that gives light.  And it always…always…always starts from our own candle.

A Candle Light A Room

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