The Different Between Love and Relationship

Many people believe that love means relationship. They believe that if they are not in relationship, they have no love in their lives. This is a big false belief and it gives confusion to a person emotionally. The truth is, love and relationship are two different matters. They related to each other, yes…but they didn’t born together. Here are differences between love and relationship.

Love Growth From Within

Love Growth From Within

1) Love already exist inside us. It’s within us.
2) Love blossom together with these emotions: Joy, gratitude, excitement, hope, passion, enthusiasm and satisfaction.
3) Love is internal.
4) Love never go away. It just ‘hides‘ when these emotions growth: hate, fear, despair, envy, boredom, worry, anger, guilt, irritation, disappointment and criticism.

1) Relationship is effort to growth together in every situation (good and bad).
2) Relationship growth together with time.
3) Relationship comes together with every emotion, not just love. So if you find people in relationship arguing to each other moderately, it is normal.
4) Relationship is external
5) Relationship is like a bridge that connect love within 2 people.

Relationship gets better and stronger when love growth from within. It means, love have to start somewhere in ourselves before it could growth externally. If we want to make our relationship (regardless what’s the relationship is) growth positively and growth with love,  give out the love we have in us first. The rest will come and growth naturally.

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