Why People Afraid of Changes?

“Change is hardest at the beginning. Messiest in the middle. And best at the end” – Robin Sharma

Throughout these many years, I’ve seen many changes in my life. Somehow, many are still in the process. Robin Sharma was right about the change and I admitted that certain parts of my changes are still at the messiest stage. My beginning was a lost direction. I know my destination but along the way, I tend to lose the direction. It was hard, undeniable but it’s achievable. I have achieved many things since I quit my job and I taste the best at the end of my journey.

Any person who have changed will say the same thing, it always the hardest at the beginning. Look at drug addicts who want to change and be cleaned from drugs. Look at people who quit their jobs and started their own businesses. Nothing is easy in the beginning. It takes great force to push a ball and make it roll by itself later. The great force is always the hardest.

Many people refuse changes because of it. They didn’t find or they didn’t understand the great force in them. Here is another list of reasons why many people refuse to change their lives and pursuing their dreams…and of course I also mean people who realize they need changes but they were too afraid to make one.

  • Egocentric – Basically ego doesn’t want us to live on somebody else idea. Ego doesn’t want us to change because somebody says “you need to change your life to something better”. People who are egocentric will always respond; “I prefer to stay like this because I don’t want to give so much hope that in the end, I’ll get frustrated and hurt if things doesn’t work out the way I want”. But think again, who actually hurts? The ego or the person?
  • Afraid of the unknown – Future is always an unknown element, but we are still getting there, didn’t we? If many people realize this, they will not be afraid to achieve the dreams and life they want. The unknown doesn’t mean dark and empty. The unknown always comes with great experiences and goldmine for people who are not afraid of it.
  • Trust Yourself Because It’s Essential in Life

    Lack of self-trust – Many people trust others more than themselves. We spend lots of time for others and TV and these are the times that we lost on building trust in ourselves. Why self-trust is so important? First, who would you trust to give you the great life and great wealth if not yourself? Second, the great force that started the ball to roll is the self-trust.

  • Limited knowledge – Many people claim that they have no enough knowledge to pursue their dreams. The fact is knowledge didn’t go into our brains in one night. Knowledge is something we get from time to time. Knowledge never stops coming into our lives. If we want to wait for the ‘enough knowledge’ in order to start pursuing our dreams, we will never reach any dreams at all. From my experiences, get the basic knowledge about the dream and the great life that you want to pursue. The basic will help you from drowning. The rest, you will learn throughout the journey.
  • Care on people thoughts – Many people care so much on what others think about their dreams. When I decided to quit my job and pursuing my dreams, few people criticized me. Of course, they were talking about the reality checks while I was talking about achieving my dreams. I don’t blame them for their opinions. Whether reality hurts or otherwise, it is always up to us to see the way we want it.

The Quote Says It All

If you find the right path in your life and you realize that only changes would help you achieve your dreams and great life, DO IT.

Don’t doubt, don’t listen to critics and don’t judge your dreams. List down your risks and gather your life gears. It will get messy from time to time. No dreams are easily achieved and it happens that way so we could taste the best when we reach at the destination of our dreams.

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