Why Do These When We Get Angry?

Yes we do get angry. We are just human. Many people gives many methods to reduce the anger when it exploded but these fives are the common ones. But do you know why we are encouraged do these when we get angry? There are reasons why it works.

1) Wash our hands with running water.
It is a symbolic act of washing out negative energy. It is just as same as we wash our hands before we eat just to get rid of the dirt and germs.

Wash Your Face When You Get Angry

2) Wash our face with running water.
Anger is heat. Try pour water on a heat pan and you will get smokes rise upward. That’s how we change the angry energy. Turn it into something light so it will get out from our body. And guess what, our head are the easiest exit.

3) Muslim was taught to perform ‘Wudhuk’ when they get angry.
Our bodies contain 70% of water, the cooling energy in our lives. What will happen when water meet water? Have you seen two drops of water meet each other? They combine and get bigger. Water doesn’t push water away. The symbolic act helps the water in our bodies to combine with the water from the nature. The cooling energy gets bigger and reduces the heat energy.

4) Walk or stand barefoot on the soil.
We came from the soil and the soil where we return. Another simple act of getting back to the nature for the healing.

5) Standing, Sitting and Lying Down Method.
When we get angry while we are standing, sit down immediately and if it doesn’t reduce the anger, lie down completely. It’s a symbolic stage of getting our bodies nearer to the force of gravity. Remember that heat rise upwards; we go the opposite, which is downwards. Gravity will hold us firmly to the ground and back to our nature again for the healing.

All these acts show us that at the vulnerable moments of our lives, nature is always there for us to get help and restore our energies back. God didn’t create nature for nothing, so use them to reduce our anger, anytime and anywhere.

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