Old Me or New Me?

I have wrote this article in 2010 and posted in my old blog. Since my website is suspended due to hosting unprofessional conduct, I am posting the article again here. I will make some changes but the points remain unchanged.


Dated: Dec 9 2012. 

Have you notice that year 2011 is just three weeks away? Counting days and mark the calendar. If you happen to visit book store, look at diaries section. Diaries and planning books are selling well. Everybody loves the smell of new diary, new planning book. Whoever has bought it, probably has written the names, contacts and birthday. Everybody can easily get excited by New Year and new books. That’s one good spirit!

Anyway, it’s three more weeks to go. Before you write anything on the new book, let’s turn back for a while and ask ourselves this question:

Have I seen myself change since January 2010?

If you do, what have you changed since January 2010? Was it a good change? Was it a bad change? Was it successful changes? Take a moment and write down your answer.

Do Not Fear Changes

I have a friend who has changed her temper, from someone who gets angry easily to someone who looks calm most of the time. Another friend of mine has changed her career line from graphic designing to production and process. It’s a tough change for her because she do not favour interaction with people, but she cope well. I have changed too. I made the biggest changes in my life this year. Unbelievable and I loved it.

Changes are good. It should be good. Changes make you learn new things, adapt new things. Is there any bad changes? Yes it is. If a friend of mine change her temper to something worst like throwing a chopstick to the Restaurant Manager for serving her something she did not order, I would say she have a bad changes.

If you have not made any changes yet, you can start now. If you feel that you end the year without anything change, wake up now and make some change. By the time we walk into 2011, you have already accelerate. Here some guidelines so you know your changes are on the right track.

1) Intention Is Not The Result.

Get this right; good intention doesn’t guarantee good result if we do it the wrong ways. We have to do it the right ways in order to get good results. For instance, you have an intention to change from a drunken man to a person who pray and build relationship with God. If the way you do it is staying at home, lock yourself from society, your friends and pray like nobody business, you are doing it in the wrong ways. Changes we made should be balanced emotionally, spiritually and socially. That will lead to better result.

2) Feel the energy

Good changes will release positive energy. We can feel it. People around us can feel it. They will attracted to our new energy. They like it. We will feel welcome everywhere we go. If people didn’t like our new energies, it could mean two things:

  • The people are not in same vibration as ours.
  • Something is wrong with our changes.

If this is happening to you, figure it out the reasons behind it.3) Do it moderately.

When we feel the energy kicks in, the enthusiasm is rising high, take a deep breath and plan our changes slowly. Everything in this world should be done moderately. Slow and consistent. Small wave shape nice beach compare to big raging wave. Our bodies can adapt slow and consistent changes. So do people around us. It gives us balance and balance is good.

4) Ask people around you

People see more than we see ourselves. We focus is inside but people see the surface. Ask them if you look good as new you. Ask them if your changes give them comfort. Emotionally comfort. The best is to ask your closest friends.

5) Society Gain.

Leave the Changes We Made for the Society to Benefit

We change from time to time to progress ourselves. Progress brings us closer to our purposes of life. By all means, each purpose must benefit the society. The changes we made come with momentum. So make sure the momentum will give good impact to the society and benefit them. If it is good for the society, it is good for you.

Make a good change today. Start small and it will ends big. Be someone better today for tomorrow. Create positive energy and spread it around. Share it with people. By the end of the day, you get to be remembered by yourself and people around you. And by the end of next year, you can close your 2011 book happily before you begin to mark your birthday on your new 2012 book.

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