Quality Friends – Are They Your Friends?

I learned many things through friendships and I bet you do too. Some of my friends told me that ‘no matter how careful we are in choosing our friends, there’s always one will choose to betray’. Perhaps it’s true and perhaps it is not true. I have different message when we end up making a wrong friend.

Loving Friends Are Quality Friends

Remember I told you that everyone we’ve met is a teacher. We are their teachers too. Life, as well as friendships is all about lessons. If one of your friends chooses to betray you, therefore the lesson he is teaching you is about betrayal. In the same process, you are teaching him back through your respond. So no matter what are your responses, he has to learn from it too.

Try not to think so much about friends that have no quality to be your best friends. Focus on those who have qualities to be your great friends. Spend time with them and learn the best from them. Here are some tips in finding the right great friends.

Make friends with those who….:

1) Knows the meaning of Respect.
Respect should be two ways thing. Friendship would never work if only you giving the respect, while your friend is throwing it away…or the other way round.

2) Live their lives with Love.
You can learn many things from these people. They will show loves in almost every aspects in their life. Learn how these people give love and how love helps them build their life. Friends like these hardly betray you.

3) Can keep your secret.
Sometimes we tell things about ourselves that seems good to share but later on would be a weapon to shoot us back. Make friends with people who never use your secrets to get back on you.

4) Willing to share their experiences and knowledge.
Life is not about self experiences only. We could learn more from others. Friends who are willing to share their experiences, failures, success and knowledge with you means they want you to make progress in life, achieve success and avoiding same mistake they did. Friends like these; they like to see you at mountain top too.

5) Accept the way you are.
Nobody is perfect. True friends accept each other’s weaknesses, sickness and strength. They would not use your weakness, your strength or your sickness for their own benefit.

6) Gossip less.
Gossiping seems to be the most interesting topic to talk everyday but not to everyone. Those who have love, positive attitudes and respect will talk less gossip about others. Make friends with these people and you will adapt their positive energies easily. Besides, those who love to gossip about others will soon gossip about you too.

7) Help pursuing your purpose and success.
Make friends with those who do not stand in between you and your purpose or success. We all have purposes in life. Great friends help each other in pursuing purposes and success. Find those who willing to walk next to you, guide you whenever you lost and help you whenever you fall down. Avoid friends who only stand in front of you doing nothing.

I hope these tips help you finding your true friends in your life. Whether you succeed later on or fail to find one, enjoy the lessons each friends give you. Accept them when they are there with you and let them go if they wish to leave. Remember that they are there for reasons, they stay for reasons and they leave for reasons too.

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