How to Cleanse Jealousy?

I wrote about jealousy yesterday and how to say love to overcome the moment of jealousy. The technique I wrote yesterday applies to ‘now moment of jealousy’. By giving love, it would instantly pressing down the jealousy bar at that moment. It save a person from giving negative energy to himself and to the person or situation that he feels jealous about. And jealousy that he felt a moment ago stop right there.

But what about his history of jealousy? What about the situation or people he felt jealous a year ago or 10 years ago? Every moments of jealousy that we have, especially moments that bring us great intense of feeling has its own curse on us. We may not know how the curse works on us but soon or later we will start to feel unhealthy, stressful and discomfort of emotions.

I knew a woman who lives her life with jealousy. Every time I was around her, I felt headache. I do not know how she gave me headache until I understand energy. From time to time I heard she fall sick, from Cysts to Hypertension and more. Recently I heard she had alternative medical treatment and she had removed ‘curses’ out from her body. Her health started to improve and she feels calm these days. Most important thing is she started to show love towards people around her.

In her case, she took years to realize curses she developed inside her. She had to learn the hard ways but we don’t. We could learn from her. I’ve learned about Jealousy and Curses from a lovely healer. She helped me heal from certain energies and she taught me about the disaster power of jealousy. Later on, I heard more the curses and jealousy from other healers and strangers. With all the knowledge I knew, I would like to share with you on how we should remove the past moments of jealousy.

  • Get Rid of the Dirt With Soap

    Get Rid of the Dirt With Soap

    Choose a moment to do this simple ritual.

  • Sit on a chair and feet touch the ground.
  • Close your eyes and close your palms.
  • Recalling the moments of jealousy you used to have before.
  • Draw (move) these moments from your mind into your palms. (This is an act of relocating the jealousy moments from your mind into a place where you have control over it, which are your hands).
  • Once all the moments of jealousy moved into your palms, open your eyes.
  • Go to the washroom and throw all these moments into a toilet bowl – Do it like your hands are full of dirt.
  • When it’s done, flush it away. Say thank you to these moments for the service and lessons they teach you. (This is an act of removing the moments of jealousy away from you…and with a love manner).
  • Wash your hands with soap. (This is an act of total cleaning your hands from dirt of jealousy).

Last, when one has been removed from your life, one has to be replaced into your life. When you remove jealousy out from your life, replace it back with love. Take a short moment to say prayers, forgiveness and love to yourself, to the people and situation you used to feel jealousy to. This will help you balance your life back and grow love from within.

Note: Some curses need healers to remove it out from the body. If you are sure that you have curses in you, please seek help from healers. 

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