A Word Can Change Life

Do you know a word can change your life and a word can make your life turn upside down? We creating our lives through the words we speak, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the action we give right now. Simple isn’t it? However, how many of us aware what’s coming out from our lips? I wasn’t aware either and because of it, my life was turning upside down and it totally affects my health. So here’s the story.

Harmony and Sensitivity, two straight words and everyone know the meaning. These words are the words I used to explain to people about the motivation business I’m doing. People always asked what makes I quit my logistic job and work in the line of motivation? My answer is always “It’s my gift. My purpose lies here”. Then people started to ask if I have psychologist background to conduct motivation session. It always stop me right there because I don’t do entirely psychology stuff but somehow I’ll be able to see their situation and their problems from different perspectives. So how do I do that?

Choose The Right Words To Explain Who You Are

Choose The Right Words To Explain Who You Are

To make them understand easier, I choose the word “sensitivity towards emotion”. It sounds right isn’t it? I wasn’t aware that this word brought madness and tragedy into my life. When I said ‘sensitive’, my subconscious mind makes everything became sensitive to me. It was madness to feel everything around you. It just took me a night out of someone else tragedy to fall sick emotionally, and then physically. Later on it affects my spirituality too.

It took me more than a week to figure out the root of the madness. I realized that sensitivity was outrageous. It completely separates me from being normal and healthy human. Once I figured out the root of the madness, I seek help from my healer. With her help, I rephrased and re-creating myself spiritually and emotionally. This time, I choose “I am harmony” and over the time, it help heals me physically too.

We all create as we speak. What we speak, what we think, what we feel, we are creating it. Soon the words we said moments ago will appear in our lives for real. This is the reason why we should speak positive and loving words. It’s not easy as I wrote it and it takes practice to speak only positive and loving words. The powerful words of “I am” and “You are” should be tied together with positive words and loves. Practice small every day so you could change your life tomorrow.

That’s the story between Harmony and Sensitivity. It just a word that differentiates what is coming into my life and what is not. So choose your word with wisdom especially when you say “I am….”

I Am Harmony

I Am Harmony

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