When Life Communicate Its Beauty

I saw her on the receptionist desk when I visited a clinic today. The moment I saw her, everything around me seems to be faded away. I stood by the desk and I moved my finger to see if she would give me a respond. And yes, she did.

She's Ready to Communicate

She’s Ready to Communicate

She is a fighting fish and she liked the movement I made with my finger. She responded by opened up her Operculum (Gill Cover). My first impression was she misses ‘fighting’. So I asked the receptionist if I could take some photos of her. Permission given and I don’t wait.

When I started to snap her photo, she stood there. She opened up her Operculum but not running away from the camera. Perhaps she saw herself in the lens but it was more than just fighting. I amazed by her friendly respond, so I looked at her through the glass and I saw a life and excitement. Not just that, I felt an amazing gratitude and connection from her. After few minutes of photos shoot, I decided to play with her. I started to move my finger around the tiny tank glass and she followed. When I stop, she leaned at the glass and looked at me. With the Operculum opened, she tried to amaze me by her beauty and I definitely felt for that too.

She's Leaning at The Glass

She’s Leaning at The Glass

It took like 10 to 15 minutes of my life and her life to get to know each other. She maybe just a fish but she’s part of the life. When I looked at her, she ‘communicates’ a life at me. It was deep sense of life that I sensed from her. It was too deep that I took a moment to say good bye to her. How could I say good bye to a fish who knows how to lean at the glass like a cat leaning at human feet? Besides I sensed a change of energy when I said good bye to her. She wants to play more but I had to leave and she disliked it.

If you wonder, I rarely felt this kind of emotion from a fish. I had fishes in my aquarium but we never really ‘communicate’ with each other. Two weeks ago, someone shared her experiences and knowledge about how life communicates with us. According to her, all the things in life, in Universe, communicate with us (human) all the time. We didn’t hear them because our attention is not at them. We choose not to pay attention at them because they didn’t verbally communicate with us.

A friend of mine said to me (something like this); “Open yourself to a life and it will communicate with you”

And I did…and it communicated back with her beauty, with her excitement and her joy. That’s life and that was a lesson I got today from a life called fighting fish.

Beautiful Life Named Fighting Fish

Beautiful Life Named Fighting Fish

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