The Healing State

During my absence in motivation line-of-work, I got helped. I got it from people who used to walk on same path before, I got it from people who experienced same things like I did and I even got it from experts. These people understand the meaning of “The Healing State”.

One of the articles in this blog has explained my situation and why I choose to step aside from coaching until I get myself healed. One and the main reason was I unable to contribute “The Healing State” to the people I help or coach (I described it as I was lack in positive and love energy). Love and positiveness is important contribution in healing process. Allow me to explain an example.

A person who is sad, devastated, frustrated or heartbroken carries negative energy with him. He will shower and spread the negative energy towards surrounding with or without he realize it.

A healer is a person who carries positive energy with him. The source of positive energy is Love. Good healers shower and spread positive energy towards surrounding with or without he realize it. Here’s the question: What will happen when negativity meets positiveness?

The answer is, the energy will be neutralized and the state is called Healing.

When I relate the healing state with my progress, am I healed? Yes. I had progress positively and I’m eternally grateful with the progress but I do not achieve the state I want yet. I knew it is there and I will get to that stage sooner than I thought. So, those who wish I come back in action soon, thank you for the wishes. I will come back.  The heavy rain has stopped. It just drizzling now and the sun will be shined in no time.

Thank you for the support, the love and lights you gave me.

Healing Hand and Healing Lights

Healing Hand and Healing Lights

One thought on “The Healing State

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