Neck and Shoulder Pain – Spiritual Healing

As I growth deeper in spiritually, I became more conscious about physical illness that relate to spiritual own being. It doesn’t matter how you want to see yourself as:- a spiritual being in human body and experience chemical process or a human who have a soul tied together in this life. Either way, being a human will connect us to the chemical experiences. And either way, soul comes together as part of the being human. Hence, illness, a chemical changed or imbalance would directly connected to our higher being too.

Today, I would love to share my experience in healing a person who has neck and shoulder pain and the meaning of these pains spiritually.

What is Neck and Shoulder Means Spiritually?

As we all know that shoulder carry responsibilities. We see this mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Try carrying something with your hands and walk around, where would you put the weight that you carry so you don’t feel so heavy carrying it? Many people would place it on their shoulder.

How about neck? Physically neck is use to change view from one point to another, from right to left, from bottom to up, north to south and east to west. Spiritually, neck is use for same purpose too. At the higher level of our being, neck would be used to change view from a point of life to another point of life.

When I performed Reiki healing on the person, who was having neck and shoulder pain on her left side, I could feel the blockage in her energy flow. I took a moment to feel the person emotionally. A sudden heaviness and imbalance can be felt on my left side. After few questions and answers sessions between us, these were the finding:

  • Most Neck and Shoulder Pains Are Related to Job Stress and The Disability to Detach from The Unnecessary Weight and Burden

    Most Neck and Shoulder Pains Are Related to Job Stress and The Disability to Detach from The Unnecessary Weight and Burden

    The shoulder pain was related to the job related stress. Consciously she was stress free but not subconsciously. It was the subconscious mind that brought the pain to the surface.

  • Her career path has changed but she hasn’t, subconsciously. This act of unacceptability and less love towards her job made she thinks that this job is not meant to be hers. So whatever weight that comes together with the job need to be carried unwillingly on her shoulder too.  The heaviness leads to the physical shoulder pain.
  • The neck pain was about her not being able to see the excitements of the job that lies in another point of view.
  • Flow of energy was stuck on her left side can be related to the function of her right brain too. The finding was she seldom connects directly to her feeling and beliefs. She allow it to ‘just be’, which is good but it were left untreated. The accumulation of untreated feelings and beliefs will lead to additional burden to the emotional being.

The Healing

So upon the healing, I brought up the stress to the surface and I asked her to let it go and detach from it (It takes understanding and willingness to perform detachment. How fast the detachment process is based on the person willingness to let it go from her mind and emotion). When she detached from her stress, the energy started to flow easily on her and I felt the balance on her emotion too.

After 2 days (about 3 sessions of healing), she healed. A little pain was still left on her neck and it will heal when she’s ready to look at her job from different point of view and start to allow love and enjoyment to flow through her.


Affirmation was given as a tool for better creation in life. I wrote specific affirmations for her at the level of healing so she could allow certain energies flow without blockage, helping her change perspectives in her career and connect her emotion directly to her life.

“I am allowing love and joyous energy flow through me with freedom. Abundance is now appears in every creation of my life and I am peaceful with life now. And so it is. Thank you”


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Thank you.

59 thoughts on “Neck and Shoulder Pain – Spiritual Healing

  1. judy says:

    Hi just wanted to say oh boy am i feeling this pain right now ,neck and shoulder like its out! ive just had all these job stresses identical to this story i will try with the affirmation thanks

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi Judy,
      Thank you for your post. You may try the affirmation. Work related stress is unavoidable but how and where you channel the energy (of stress) is a choice. One of the best way to channel it is exercise (yoga or walk in the nature). When you do that, imagine the things you been carrying on no longer stay on your shoulder. If you can’t feel anything, try it for another few times.

      Keep us posted on the result. Wish you well. Love and lights to you.


  2. pratishtha says:

    Hi, I have severe neck, shoulder and upper back pain. you did mention the reason for neck and shoulder pain. please shed some light on upper back pain as well. thanks

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi pratishtha,
      My apology that I have overlooked your comment. Upper back is closely related to heart chakra and solar plexus. Normally it is closely related to your emotion pain body. Feelings that no longer serve you but it is still stay inside you will bring the pain to the surface.
      Maybe you might want to check out what you are feeling recently and during the pain occur. I hope this help.

      Sending you love,

  3. Loretta says:

    Thank you for this post. It is exactly what my body is going through only on the right side. I feel I am self sabotaging and if I let go I could have a very good job which I have always wanted. Thank you for the sharing your healing work and I will write the affirmation daily and work with it. Blessings.

  4. Nina Alvarez says:

    this is an insightful diagnosis and healing affirmation. however, the author’s poor grammar and syntax take away from the quality of the post and make certain parts hard to understand. i suggest finding a proofreader for future posts.

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hello beautiful soul rootsandwings3,
      Yes I do reiki via skype before. However, Skype access in the place I currently stay is not very good. We can try but I cannot promise if skype video would work. However, the distance reiki healing can be done without skype.

      Have a nice day to you.

      Love and light,
      Rose Osman.

  5. Beverly says:

    Hello Rose,

    I found you with a google search for “spiritual meaning of pain between shoulder blades”. Your article might have been written just for me! I have recently switched over from a very stressful job into self-employment, which initially brought me great relief, joy, and freedom. But now three months have passed, I am not bringing in significant income, and I am questioning how much longer I can follow this path. At the same time, I know that I am meant to do healing work and I have much to offer, yet cannot find a way to share it with the world. This situation is bringing up old fears. i am afraid that I have traded one form of work stress for anther and don’t see the answers yet. I will use the affirmations you suggest, when I am writing and meditating. And your idea about physical movement makes sense, too, so I will be more mindful of that. Do you do distance Reiki treatments? I am a Reiki practitioner also. Would you be interested in a trade, perhaps? Please don’t worry about your sentence structure. Critical comments such as the one above often come from people whose fear leads them to think that everyone should speak English. You are not difficult to understand.

    With gratitude and blessings…


    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hello Beverly,
      Thank you for your beautiful feedback. I hope that the affirmation unfold the potentials that you are looking for. Yes I do service trade as well. You can reach me via my email. Looking forward to hear from you.

      Love and light,
      Rose Osman.

  6. Scott says:

    HI there, I’m experiencing and have been for a due months now. Pain in my right side… collar bone, shoulder,
    front and back, arm pit, and upper arm and forearm. It is usually the reason I wake up in the morning. What am I missing?

  7. Andrea says:

    Thank you. Recently I have been trying to change my focus from concern about money and my financial well-being to focusing on being happy, stepping into the vortex and allowing abundance to flow to me. As I have been practicing this for several weeks now, I’ve recently developed a strong discomfort in my neck and left shoulder. So this makes absolute perfect sense. Thank you. Andrea

  8. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much Rose! Just reading your words helped me let go of my pain. I also have issues of looking at my work from different perspectives. I think of my job as a burden at times but it is a blessing. I need to be more grateful! My job was handed to me by my husband, as a gift. I need to see it as a gift with freedom to follow my other passions to fulfil my purpose. Love and light to you Rose.

  9. Tara says:

    Hello My name is Tara and I would just like to share with you that I don’t believe in Reiki anymore. before I thought it was grand to get this treatment but I came across some information that is very important for people, Reiki, Reflexology and crystals are New Age therapies and the energy is something else but its not god. I know this from a book I read

    how many times have you felt healed after reiki ask yourself?
    I didn’t know all this either as its so widespread and popular.

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi Tara, thank you so much for the comment and for bringing up this topic.

      I heard about reiki and crystals like years ago. At one point, I stopped reiki for nearly 6 months. Then I questioned myself, if reiki wasn’t good, why God show me the path. So I brought this question to my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Cha~zay. She have a great view on reiki (she also agreed that reiki and crystals have been used by another side for certain purposes, which you can read in her forum called

      She said something like this; “that Reiki is a doors opening for energy to take shift in my body and for many others”. If it’s not reiki, it would be something else but in my case, reiki. Having said that, reiki helped to strengthen my healing muscles, prepare my body and system for my healing journey.

      And then, it stop. The effectiveness of reiki (as in using symbols) somehow reduced. This is a sign that reiki (that use symbols) is just a door or a bridge.

      After the door, what’s next? Reiki itself means energy. It is in all of us, our own inner energy can be used in healing. We somehow didn’t tap into our inner energy. What we do, we used symbols to channel outside energies. This is the part where the energies can be hijacked for darker purpose (that is why protection before any healing is important).

      I stopped using symbols for reiki. Instead I practise use as in my own inner energy to heal myself and clients. I believe that the inner energy we have in us, the effectiveness is based on our level of consciousness. If we always in a state of love, what flows out from our core is love and that is already a healing.

      So I agree with you. I don’t feel reiki with symbols as effective as before. And using my own inner energy is more effective nowadays.

      To others who read this, if you feel wrong to use reiki, then by all mean, stop. Use your inner guides. I didn’t update this in my blog because I didn’t write about healing for a year and I’m in the process branding the coaching business. And I also still practise healing using others healing modalities.

      Thank you again.

  10. A says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    i experience a pain on my right shoulder sometimes. This happens when somebody is constantly watching me , or somebody from behind talking ill about me, or while i am walking and i know there is dead end so my shoulder pain and i get thoughts that not to go this way. Can somebody explain why this happens.
    Is there something in my body.

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi there,
      The way you describe it is more like an intuition rather than a physical or energy pain. Maybe you want to find out if the pain is more like pinching or stiff? And maybe you want to find out why your inner guides only gives you pain on shoulder? Is that your sensitive spot?

      Hope that helps.

      Rose Osman.

      • A says:

        yes the intuition are high what i did found. i can even read minds of the other person in form of colours like red and green. if red then its wrong and green then its right. The pain is like a stiff which starts slowly and increases.

        most of the time some thoughts come to my mind and guides me.

        Also if i dont listen then something (siren like sound) sounds near my ear.

        please help

  11. Brightpath Wellness says:

    Hi , I experience left shoulder neck tension .. I practice yoga and get many massages .. It’s like the tension wants to hang in there. My life is very balanced. And I feel it is a lot of past emotional stuff that is trying to hold on . Is there any affirmations you recommend me . ❤️ Nicole

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi Nicole,
      You can list down all the past emotions that you are carrying on the piece of paper. Feel the energy of the emotions and recite “I’m sending you off into the light or to your rightful place with love and gratitude. Thank You”
      Each recitation, do a cycle of breathing. You can say it when you inhale and then exhale, let go. When you inhale, bring your awareness on the shoulder. Exhale, let go. Once you finish with the healing, throw the paper away from your space (but do not burn it). Hope this helps.
      Love, Rose Osman.

  12. Yukti says:

    I have been facing this problem all of a sudden since yesterday morNing ob right side. Yes, I have a new boss now, who is assigning us with some weird tasks n creating deadline pressure on us.
    Do you think this is causing me a trouble? How can I heal this 🙂

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hello Yukti, if the pain rise in sudden and it seems that you figured out the source of the pain (work related stress), you can either heal the pain by accepting (and adapting) the new energy in your space or you can walk away from it. Perhaps walk away is not something you can do, therefore accepting the changes can help you ease the pain. Hope this help.

      Blessing on your journey.

      Rose Osman.

  13. Neelkanth says:

    Hello beautiful rose. I have been feeling a slight pain on the left side of my neck during breathing meditations. I also had 2 dreams pointing me the inner left side of my neck in need of healing. I am only a student with no stress issues. Do u think the slight pain might be temporary as it is being healed?
    I am happy to see such positivity from yr artucke n posts.. indeed yr light is love..

  14. Aida says:

    Hi rose! I really loved your post. I have read all the comments and i see that most of us experiencing similar thins, just as you described. I am having severe lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck pain and consequently, headache for a week. I cannot move them freely and it hurts so much. In my personal life, i decided to change my life and career, in order to that i quit my job. I am planning to move to another country but i feel that i haven’t done much yet about neither my career nor moving. This feeling is really disturbing me, i cannot sleep at nights for about 2-3 weeks. After i read your post, i am conviced that it has psyhological roots. I cannot see a medical doctor because i am currently unemployed, so i hope your recommendations help. I will keep you updated. Thank you so much!

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi Aida. Thank you for your comment. If it resonates you, do as much releasing and healing you can. Also meditate (if you do meditation, if not you can just sit in silence) on your personal power. Do you feel that the major pain comes from your lower back? From what I feel, it is the lower back act as root cause. Lower back is about personal power. And financial could be the sub of it. Keep me posted. Send you millions of love and peace.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Hi Rose,

    After reading your article and posts with your replies I’m quite impressed and decided to ask you.

    I have a pain in my left neck. It begin as an alignment problem of my shoulders years back, but it’s not a big problem or of any pain just slight weird feeling. Then the pain came in my neck when my ex and I quarrel, maligning me for staring at other guys in a restaurant which I didn’t but look at their foods on the table. I was tired explaining over and unbearable with his temperamental misunderstandings till my anger rose and I felt strained at the neck. From then on my neck is stiff.

    Years down, I felt a soreness and painful nudge on the left side of neck, although the whole neck is also uncomfortable. Later on, left elbow got injured too which lead to another pain from the left side of the neck all the way down.

    Right now, I’m not working and wanting so much to clear clutter at home before I got another job.

    • Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi Jennifer. I completely agree on cluttering your space. About your shoulder, you can find out what is left to you? Is left represent the past? If yes, what’s in the past that you do not want to look into? Do you feel that Left represent something else? Are you left handed? Is your strength on left side? Try meditate on this. The answer is there for you to discover :). Keep us posted. Sending you love and peace.

      Rose Osman.

  16. Fardin Elias says:

    Just a quick hello from this side of the universe. My health is in peak condition, save for some left shoulder pain which often seem to come up at night. I thought of doing some googling this morning about it, and your site came up. From a quick glance at your article, I got the answer I was looking for.
    Thank you! 🙂
    P.S: My birthday is in the 28th of May, the date you wrote this article. 🙂

  17. H says:

    Hello Rose ,
    I’ve been wondering about my pain in shoulder and neck and lower back I do have Cervical and lumbar Spinal Disk , and I found your post in Google …I know that I have unhealed emotions and and Energy Blockages and I feel burden on my shoulders esp the right and my neck is stiffed .. I couldn’t know the main cause of this dis-ease I’ve been doing Reiki and Divine Healing and Meditations but I still can feel the Pain, and couldn’t heal myself
    I had many things in my life and I could’t relate the Cause of this dis-ease
    Could you please enlighten me about how can I get healed
    Thank You

    • Rose Osman - Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi H, thank you for sharing your experiences and reaching out. I see a question; is there an agreement(s) that you made with people in your pasts and possibly with beings that you may not aware? If these argreements doesnt benefit you anymore, release it from your energetic field. Something blocking you from reaching your inner power. Reiki can heal but without awareness of what is going on, we kinda keep running on same cycle of suffering until we learn the lesson and let go :). Perhaps you could meditate and find out about it? Let me know. May healing and love finds you well. Blessing – Rose.

  18. H says:

    Hi Rose ,

    Thank you for your Fast Reply , somehow I sensed it !

    I really do not know if there’s an agreement Probably something refers to childhood that I am not aware of , how can I release these agreements from my energetic field , do I have to do Aura Clearing ?

    I tried to meditate but I couldn’t get the answer I find it hard to connect to higher self these days

    Thank You and I do appreciate Your Help
    Many Blessings

    • Rose Osman - Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi H, I agree at one point it is difficult to get clarity when the blockage is there. Perhaps what you need is a stream of realisation so you could gain clarity. You could try aura cleansing too. So far (from my experiences) aura cleansing works in clearing out the outer layer of the aura. The root of the problem must be acknowledged for full releasing, otherwise, the pain will keep coming back until we learn from it. I use intuitive solution for issues such as this. Meantime, try conscious breathing to ease the pain. As you breathe in, you forgive yourself and as you breathe out, you forgive others and release the pain away. Let me know if this helps. Also, do you want to talk more about this via email?

      Blessing: Rose

  19. neilsonanita says:

    Hi Rose. thanks for the follow. Many of us experience neck and shoulder pain, myself included. I believe my emotional pain manifested itself as physical illness, so much so that I literally have bone spurs growing out of the spine where it meets the neck. Nasty. I can’t reverse this physical deformation, so all I can do now is relieve the pain with meditation, reiki (which is fabulous!!!) and painkillers. What a great post. thank you. Anita.

  20. neilsonanita says:

    Hi Rose. This post really resonates with me. I have reiki healing occasionally and I find it so beneficial. Getting rid of the dross psychological and emotional really does help us move on. Thanks Rose.

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