How Ego Looks Like?

Ego; always appear big and smug. At least that’s how we portray an ego. Last month I’ve seen ego in different dress. Ego no longer appear big and smug, instead it appear like a child that need care from the mother. Sometimes it appears like a loving soul. And yesterday I’ve learn that ego has taken its place into a new level.

Ego can dress up in anything it wants. Often, we are fool by our own ego. It makes us feel good about ourselves and not about others. It always wants us to prove that we are right to others. In healing, healers who have not realize the existence of their ego when perform healing to others, will result as an ineffective healing. Beware of ego that comes with healing will create non-beneficial attachment between healer and the other person. Besides healing (in life generally), ego always make us feel stand out. No doubt ego has its positive role in personal development. However ego that appears in many dresses can be confusing and easily lead us to the situation we do not want.

Ego is good in acting too. It can appear as care, humble, self-control, self-defense and many more. The only way to know whether we didn’t act based on ego is to check out intention. Basic question to ask ourselves is “Am I trying to prove that I am right?”, because right or wrong is subjective whether it’s in the past, now and future. The answer will undress the ego and don’t be surprised that the actual appearance of the ego could be ignorance, arrogant or even selfish.

Whatever you do in life, always remember this; ego never looks ugly. That’s the reason we always put ego in front of us, even worst represent us. Ego best place is behind us, the place that could balance the strengths and the weaknesses that we have. Never place ego in front of us because we could be easily blinded by the beauty of it dresses and acts.

Beware of The Ego

Beware of The Ego

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