5 Powerful Wishes You Should Never Wish

Today I decided to share a list of statements that I’ve heard from others, that also make me shake my head instantly to disagree. These statements either you say it as a joke or just a figure of speech, or perhaps you really mean it; no matter what your intentions are, when you say it, you manifest it. When you say it over and over again, you are wishing it with your powerful affirmation. Let’s check it out:

1# “I’m gonna die alone” 
Whenever I hear this statement, my heart will scream “Rephrase! Rephrase!”. It is the worst and the most terrible wish in the world. Most people say it when they breaking up with their lover and the statement is just an expression of broken heart. But ponder this for moment; what if the wish comes true? Look deeper into the meaning of Die Alone. Aren’t it’s ugly, torturing and suffering to the soul? Never wish this to yourself!

2# “No one loves me”
Ah! Another statement of broken heart and right away punish the rest of the love in the world. When a person says this, whoever has love towards him will turn around and walk away. Of course this is a metaphor. The realities are worst. People who love you will stop contacting you, parents started to scold you, friends started to unfriend you and more to list it down. So why wish NO ONE loves you? Look around, loves are always everywhere.

3# “I always attract wrong lover”
Keep on affirm it and you will always end up with a wrong lover in your life. Here some tips for you; avoid this word ‘always’. It’s literally means forever and never stops. So you had a wrong lover before but it didn’t mean you will have another wrong lover in the future. What have went wrong, let it behind but take the lessons wisely. Never ever punish your future lover just because you had the wrong ones before.

4# “I’m always poor and never get rich!”
Aha! There you go! Many people say this to express their frustrations over their financial situations. Its sounds like a pity statement from themselves to the Universe and God. Guess what, when you say it and by all means, you just close the doors to the wealth instantly.

Looks Like a Cool Statement But Sounds Very Wrong to Wish For It

Looks Like a Cool Statement But Sounds Very Wrong to Wish For It

5# “I can easily get sick”
When you say it to your insurance’s agent, you probably have to pay a high premium for the insurance.
When you say it to your doctor, you have to spend more time and money to see your doctor again.
When you say it to the world, all the viruses, the germs, the illnesses are looking at you, waiting to enter your body.
So where is the goodness to you here? Stop saying you can get sick because to get sick is normal. What’s not normal is to get sick easily. Instead, say this; “I can get healthy easily” and it will change health over the time.

When you accidentally say it, there’s always a chance for you to rephrase it. These are the normal and ordinary statements people say to express their feelings about their situations. We are so used to it and didn’t even realize that these statements have power in bringing the reality into our lives. And the worst part is when it gets real because we actually do not even want it to be real at all.

Be aware of your words as it turns into wishes; be conscious of your wishes as it turns into your reality.

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