Beauty behind Time and Pressure

After been away from Internet for 5 days, I came back online and started to search for motivational posters to post in my Facebook Page and one poster caught my attention. It was beautifully quote by an unknown person (God bless You). Personally I would like to thank the person who quoted it, the person who designed it and those who shared it in the net.

The deal about the quote is to remind you that whenever you feel pressure in life or you think life is very hard on you, think about the caterpillars and butterflies, sand and pearls, coal and diamonds. It is not just about motivation. It is simply a science of life. It’s a motion of progress. It’s a transmutation and transformation. Like these elements named above, you and I are just like them. We all are.

Whenever you feel pressure or stress about the hard life you are going through, remember that you are transforming to the beautiful side of you, to the glory and success. Be patience and embrace the pressure with love. Time, love and patience will make sure your transformation is beautifully done.

And in the end, the lessons and progress within the transformation will be the things that make you extraordinary and beautiful.

Time and Pressure is A Transformation of Energy

Time and Pressure is A Transformation of Energy

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