Step 3: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Step 3: I Can Heal

Don’t just take the words ‘I can heal’ as words of convincing but turn it into a belief too. BELIEF is a powerful force in human life. It works with subconscious mind. Subconscious mind then work directly with the body, mind and emotion. It also means, you can try many techniques of healing or medications but without believing that you can heal, healing becomes impossible to your body.

In part my healing treatment, I would guide my client to create a belief through powerful affirmation I create for them based on their need. The affirmation that they affirm on daily basis will help them reprogram their belief and heal them from within. As I always mentioned to my clients that primary healing start within them and secondary healing comes from the healers and medication. So always, always heal from within.

Tips: Besides create a belief through affirmation; you should avoid reading articles that does not contribute to your healing and beliefs. If you has an illness that scientifically no cure have been found yet (e.g diabetic, SLE), build a belief that you can ‘free’ yourself from the illness on period basis like months basis, yearly basis or entire lifetime

An Affirmation to Heal Anxiety

An Affirmation to Heal Anxiety

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