Lessons From The Ants

I was having my breakfast and I saw a small hole on the floor right next to my foot. I knew the hole is a door to the ants. They always come out through the hole whenever pieces of foods fall on the floor. Even tiny pieces of food will attract them to come out.

While looking down at the floor, an idea came into my mind. I grab a tiny piece of the food and place it on the floor. Then I started to clock the time and told myself “let’s see what the ants can teach us”.

  • In less than 5 second, an ant came out through the hole and went right to the food. Then it walked back to the surface of the hole and the second ant came out through the hole. Together they rushed to the food.
  • In less than 10 seconds, more than 5 ants came out and their sizes were bigger than the first ant.
  • In less than 10 minutes, the food was no longer on the floor, so does the ants.

Beautiful! I told myself. What are even more beautiful were the lessons they taught me yesterday. I’m going to share it with you and here are the lessons:

  1. When you see an opportunity, do not wait to grab the opportunity and never wait for the opportunity to come closer. The first ant took less than 5 seconds to get to the food.
  2. Sometimes in life you can never do things alone. Get help from the right people. The first ant got help from the second ant and the rest of the ants.
  3. Always work as team. Things get to be done faster when you work as a team.
    (Note: In terms of spirituality, consider these as your team: your mind, emotions, body and soul. Always make sure they are heading to the same direction as your purposes).

Here’s the picture of the team. Happy Learning to all of us!

Lessons to Learn From Ants

Lessons to Learn From Ants

3 thoughts on “Lessons From The Ants

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