Step 6: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

6. Transform to Healthy Lifestyle

Healing illness is not entirely about focus on the illness and find ways to kill it or cleanse it out from out body. Healing illness is about transforming from the state of illness into state of health.

These days, many people who fall into illness state craves for healing. When they get the healing, they tend to stay there and hoping that illness will never return. Given the chart below, healing state is a zero state (The Green Dot). In this state, illness healed but the risk to fall into the left side of the grid is there.

You can stay healthy by staying on the right side of the grid. To move towards the right side, you must have efforts to stay healthy. What are the efforts? Here are the three important lists (read here for more tips).

Eating Habit and Diet
The biggest contribution towards a healthy lifestyle. You have to change your eating habit. Go for balance diet. Eat when you are hungry and stop before you are too full. Eat in small portion. Take lots of vegetables. Forget junk foods. Never eat after 7pm.

Pick any exercises that suits your need; Yoga. Walking. Cycling – indoor or outdoor. Jogging. Swimming . Hiking. Pilates. Dancing. Anything that makes you sweat regularly. Tips: Always start small. The most important part in exercise is persistence.

Sleeping Habit
When I was working in manufacturing line, there were times I had to work entire night. What happened was a week later, I would felt weak. I had habit stay up late night many years ago and it has affected my health badly.

If you are person who loves to stay up late night, change the habit for good. The best hour to go to bed is 10pm (the earliest). In between 10pm to 2am, body is working their wonders to rejuvenate. Skin turns healthier too. Sleep for 6 to 8 hours depends on the body and mind. Wake up early in the morning for freshness air and feeling.

It is challenging tasks and I will not deny this. It requires a long list of works need to be done from time to time but the rewards are priceless. After all, if to stay healthy is what you need, do you have a choice? The hard works and the challenges are rewarding, so why not give it a try?

A Simple Health Chart For You To Understand Where You Should Be Heading to Stay Healthy

A Simple Health Chart For You To Understand Where You Should Be Heading to Stay Healthy

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