Step 7: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Step 7: Always Avoid the Opposite

Law of Attraction simple rules: Your action must not contradict your desire. If your desire is to be healthy again, therefore, in every action you make; you must avoid the opposite acts of health. Here are the few simple examples.

a) Avoid Mention Your Illness
Sometimes we are tempted to speak of the illness to others for many reasons. One of the common reasons is seeking understanding from people around us.  However, if you have to speak of your illness, speak only one and that’s it. Practise ‘no repetition’ in explaining your illness to others.

The reason is; when you speak of your illness, you are giving your attention and focus to your illness. The energy and vibration that you put on your illness plus what others may have for you (like sympathy, sadness) only contributes more power towards your illness.

Tips: Speak only about health. If you need to speak about your illness and how bad it has ruined your life and your motivation, find a right person to talk too. By all means, find a person who will not help you contribute more unnecessary energy towards your illness. This may sound a little weird but this is how many people feed their illness and help it growth unintentionally.

b) Avoid Unhealthy Habit

Any habit that opposite from the health must be avoided. If you are a smoker, try to quit smoking. If you are an alcohol drinker, drink lesser or quit drinking. If you a person who like to sleep till the afternoon, change the habit to wake up early in the morning because morning life unfold countless healing for you.

Tips: For smoker who wanting to stop smoking; advisable is not to quit cold turkey. Instead reduce the cigarette intake on daily basis. The most important thing is every effort counts. Small effort counts too.

c) Avoid Give-up

Giving up will unfolds all the opposite energies of healing and health. A person who gives up will start to eat unhealthy, do unhealthy activities, live unhealthy habits and many more. Give up is the biggest switch that turn off your health and any healing on you. Avoid give up at any costs and give love for your health no matter what.

Tips: When you started to feel give up, please talk to the people who can light up your courage again.  Most of the time, give up just play games of emotions with you. So it is important to channel the energy into love and bring back the courage in you.

Never Give Up and Your Courage is Waiting to Growth from Within

Give up is the opposite of Courage in health and healing


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