Why You Should Start Small?

When I experienced spiritual awakening many months ago, two beautiful mentors advised me to take baby steps in understanding what is happening to me spiritually. With the baby steps tips they guided me, I managed to walk through the period with better understanding of myself entirely. The baby steps moments did give me opportunities to understand each detail from each experience. Most important thing is, it has stopped me from running away (from fear). In the end of the journey, instead of feeling drain with all the emotional and spiritual roller coaster moments, I still have my strengths with me.

In achieving our goals, dreams or in business, we have to do the same thing too. I’ve seen people who dreamed big and started big. Often they failed because when they start big, they actually didn’t start anything but keep on dreaming.

Start small or start big in this term did not refer to quantity of money or size of contracts (since we speak about business too) but it is in terms of quantity and quality of actions and energy you put to make things stay in motion.

Here are the reasons why I always suggest you start small in achieving your goals and dreams:

1. Start small will not drain your energy.
2. Start small but consistent will form a habit in you. Positive habit keeps you going and partly contributes to success.
3. Start small will not make you lost focus.
4. Start small gives you enough for you to enjoy.
5. When you make mistakes, it is easier to track the problem and get the solution when it is small.
6. Accumulation of all small acts will eventually become big one day.

So whoever you want to be in your life; artists, businessman or businesswomen, writers, politicians, chefs or whatever are your goals, always..always…start small and work on it every day. Eventually it will get you there if you never stop putting the momentum on it.

Small Steps to the Top

Small Steps to the Top

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