Presenting Our First Logo

I have not introduce our new logo officially via this blog yet, so I’m going to do it now.

It is a beautiful logo designed by Your Personal Motivator’s graphic designer, Joe Lai. She has more than 12 years experienced in graphic designs from advertising, magazines, packaging designs and many more. When I came to her and said “I need you to design a logo for me…Something that represent energy”, she came out with few designs but one caught my attention.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the logo and the details of it.

Your Personal Motivator First Logo

Your Personal Motivator First Logo

The free flow represent freedom life, detachable from one and another.

The red, orange, yellow, green colors on the right side represent our energy that bind to the life on earth. The green color at the top right means whatever or whoever we are on this earth, our TRUE SELF are the priorities.

On the left side, the green, light blue, dark blue and indigo represent our energy that bind to our highest source, spiritual and higher consciousness. It also showed that by being our true self (green) it will connects us to the highest elements in life. The pinkish indigo at the top represent passion, the key element in living our lives with purposes.The white color within these two flows represent white light that we all have inside us.And ‘Your Personal Motivator’ is the name and it comes together with the logo.
Our new Tagline is now “Transform Your Energy”.
Update: 16th July 2016 – The logo has changed! Check out our website for new logo.

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