Where the Harmony Relationship Starts?

Every situation in our lives is natural, they have no sides. But due to our countless perspectives about life, we tend to label the sides; positive and negative. We then react to it, positively or negatively too.

Now, in every relationship, the harmony depends on what we give and not what have been given to us. Here’s the explanation:

The 10 ways to Love

The 10 ways to Love

What is given to us (positive or negative) is beyond our control. We attracted it into our lives through our habitual thoughts, painful memories and more. So we have no control of it.

Once given, receiving is taking place. Once we receive, we tend to react.

Now, here is the part where we have the opportunity to control the outcome in every relationship we have. It is certainly not about controlling others because the reaction always starts from and within us.  It is entirely about controlling our-own-selves like:

  • What we choose to give back?
  • What we choose to represent our-own-selves in the communication?
  • What we choose to express our own feelings?
  • How we want to express it?
  • How should we respond to it?

Think again, it is entirely about how can I do better? And the reaction from us is totally WITHIN OUR CONTROL. It also means to respond to it positively or with negativity is always a choice. Make the right choice or the bad ones have it affects on the relationship. Pick the right ones and the one that has love in it as a response. And it is where the harmony of the relationship starts.

The result of every aspect in a relationship does not depend on what we receive from the other person but it depends on what we are given to the other person.

The poster is a very good example of the positive respond you can give in your relationship, friendships, family-ships and more. Practice response that has the energy of LOVE and your relationship will be in harmony.

Note: *Thank you and the credit goes to the person who designed the poster. 

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