What is Love?

Many people falsely believe that love means a special relationship with someone. When I grew up, I was conditioned to believe the same. Therefore for nearly 22 years, I believed I have no love with me. Then I found a love. It didn’t last long, we broke up. With the belief I had with me that period, I was back to ‘No Love’ in my life.

What happens next? Believing that I have no love, I started to feel desperate to get another love. When I didn’t find one, I switched the love to something else. Luckily I didn’t go for drugs or alcohol. Instead I started to seek love within my career (I believe love is when I work 24/7 for 365 plus plus days with no medical leave…well I failed after 6 months) and non-social life like watching movies or online chat. It worked for many years (well it did help kill my time). Then I realized I felt empty again. I got bored. Then I was back to ‘No Love’ in my life.

So what’s actually wrong there? I realized that I was looking for Love in the wrong perspective.

Here’s the truth about LOVE. You don’t have to believe me. You can experience it for yourself. Take time to think about it and see the truth out of it. It may take you weeks, months or even years. My objective today is just to get this idea store in your conscious and subconscious mind. When you are ready, it will appear to guide and inspire you.

Love didn’t ‘exist’ on the external life, instead love exist from within.
Then what exist from within (in the internal) will be reflected on the external. How and why?
Because Love is within you. What’s within you didn’t leave you.
Love always present, only absent in the present of fear, hate, anger.
Love is giving. When you realize that Love is within you, what you do or give, you slip LOVE with it. Hence Love is giving.

Love is giving that every cell in your body giving love right now.
From the cells of eyes to the cells of heart, from the hair to the toes.
Love is giving and every emotion and thoughts you have will be filled with love.
And when Love is giving, every of your relationship (including the special ones) are filled with Love.

Sit in silence and feels it; even if this seems odd to you, even if you are feeling hatred right now. Sit and feels it. It’s already within you and it is free for you to feel it. Once you get it, Love appears in every aspect of your life. I already experienced mine and still experiencing it. I hope you do too.

By the way; here’s the article on differences between Love and Relationship. Click here

Since I accept that Love is from within, I started to see Love shapes everywhere. The flowers were round shaped. Subsconsciously when I shoot a photo, I got it from the angle that look like Love. Accidentally. The love shape was formed by three round shape flowers

Since I accept that Love is from within, I started to see Love shapes everywhere. Originally the flowers were three round shapes. When I shoot a photo, I accidentally got it from the angle that shape like Love. This photo was taken on my birthday last December. I love it.

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