How to Start Reading Habit?

Do you know that books can help you transform your life, see new perspectives in life and help you on your imagination? Yes, books not only give you the knowledge but words written in it can be powerful tools for you in making progress in your life.

Start your reading habit with 15 to 30 minutes first. Read a book and not a newspaper. Then make a habit to read at least 1 hour a day. If you cannot do a straight reading for an hour, divide it into 2 sessions of 30 minutes reading for each book. In my case, I read in the morning (I prefer to go for a self-help book) and in the evening (I prefer novels or biography). If I need to work away from home, I read in the car or after I had my breakfast (after the meals but before the coffee or tea in the cup finish).

Pick at least two books to read; 

1. Books that can help you make progress in life. For example; Self-help, financial, relationship, business etc.
2. Books that can help you work out with your imagination: For example: novels, fictions etc.

I would also love to recommend you to read biography/autobiography books. The reason is; you will see life from a different set of eyes and walk in the person’s shoes (having said that, pick the books wisely). My favourites were The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and Richard Branson; Losing My Virginity.

Happy Reading to you!

Books for The Week.

Books for The Week.

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