Lesson from the One-Eye Cat

Everyone is a teacher. Let me rephrase that; everything is a teacher. That includes the animals, nature, things that move, things that still and the entire Universe. If we observe the surrounding, we will learn something from it. There is always a teacher present in our lives to teach us something about LIFE.

The One Eye Cat

The One Eye Cat

This morning I learned a lesson from a furry teacher. She’s a local cat known as Jessybell. Born with only one eye and adopted by packing department* team leader named Rebecca.

Although she is blind but she’s beautiful. She responds to English and Philippines language only.  She’s very active and playful. Yesterday I saw her chasing a plastic bag. This morning she was playing with a leaf. Something we can learn from her that physical imperfection never stop her from living a joyful life.

Pure joy exists when we go beyond the imperfection. See the imperfection through the acceptance will give us the perfection we have right now. Animal knows this.  Jessybell knows it too. It’s only we, the human being refuse to accept our imperfection.

Let’s learn the wisdom from Jessybell. You can have the joy eternally if you learn to see every imperfection through the eyes of acceptance and transmute it into perfection of JOY and LOVE.

Thank you Jessybell. We love you!

*I am currently being employed by a company in Brunei Darussalam to assist the entire team and to include the motivation factors in every area. I took this opportunity to expand my portfolio in motivation and healing, and also to share and expand the knowledge in management and human relationship and increase funding for Your Personal Motivator projects and programs.

I still provide consultations via online and by appointment. You can check out the details here. Consultation is now based on donation basis.  

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