Is Grief Around the Corner?

These few days I’ve been hit by the huge amount of grief. It attacked the center of the heart and caused big emotion wave around my system. I cry to relieve the pain. I got anxious from time to time, and there’s deep fear started to emerge.

I was wondering if I felt grief from an event that doesn’t take place or from what is happening right now.

A friend of mine (I seek out help few days ago) confirmed that there is an event soon will take place. The grief not just from the event but also from the recent events that are happening around the world.

My point here is not about the events because it doesn’t change. What is changing is our empathetic system. It is possible that our system is getting tuned in a wider spectrum.

Grief is considered an emotion with very low vibration. I seldom feel grief unless the event closely connected to me. To feel this amount of grief, which makes me feel that part of me is rip off and disappear, can be considered a big shift in the empathetic system.

If you feel that your empathetic system is changing, you might feel a sudden fear, anxiety, hard to breathe, a huge sadness, feeling emotionally heavy on your heart center and despair. Things like this can easily happen to anyone, and if you are not familiar with being empathy, you probably think you are getting crazy and depressed. If you feel such emotions and burden, talk to people around you, practice detachment and give yourself lots of love.

Meantime, my recent article in the Iskandarian might help you understand emotion, energy and intensity. I hope it can help you deal with your situations.


How to Deal with Emotional Intensity-Pt 1


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