What I Wrote to My Self Three Years Ago?

Few days ago I found a letter I wrote to myself three and a half years ago. I cannot remember the moments but based on the letter, I wrote it when I found a glimpse of hope to recover from many illnesses. In the middle of pain and emotional turmoil, even a glimpse of hope feels like a thousand years fill with light. So I wrote a letter to myself. Then I simply placed it anywhere (no sacred place). I’ll find the letter when the time is right.

In the letter, I mentioned all the illnesses I had and what I want to do in keeping my body healthy again. Some of the exercises I mentioned in the letter are way too much for a projector :). I guess my true-Self knows that, so I didn’t do all the exercises except basic yoga (still basic 😀 ) and Qi Gong.

The letter took me back into the memory lane and I noticed I’m a different person now. Three to four years ago, I was sick. And I don’t know much about intuition or being an empath. I work on motivation but no idea about energy and healing.

Illnesses and pain have pushed me into the darkness. I was longing for the light and I found my courage (which I believe not long from the day I wrote the letter). Then I learned to claim my health back. Some of the methods I life-hack it myself.

From all the pain and illnesses, I listed in the letter, I recovered the majority of it, and my body is in the healthy state today. The rest, I rarely speak about it. I practise to acknowledge the biological ‘impairment’ that exist in collective human consciousness. I don’t call them ‘illness’ or ‘disease’. Instead, I learn to co-exist with them.

The most important method I practise when I meet people and they ask me “How are you?”, I’ll make sure Health become my spoke person. I only speak about the condition if I need to use them as part of inspiration and motivation to others who suffer the same impairment in their health. And I no longer define my entire existence based on my health conditions. No one should.

A letter like this need a frame and hang it on the wall. It can be a good reminder that no matter how dark and painful our experiences are, we always find our Light and Love. We always survive and transcend.

I hope you find yours.

I Am Eternally Grateful for this moment.
Thank you.

Affirmation I wrote in the letter (you can use it if it resonates you):

I Am Healing. I Am Perfect Health. 
I Am Balance. I Am Loving My Body, Mind and Soul. 

Letter to My Self

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