Letting Go The Old Leaves

This is Her.

Majestic Tree

If you drive along the Meru road, you can see her before you reach the junction to Jalan Hj Sirat (it is in the state of Selangor, Malaysia).

The photo on the left, taken seven days ago (dated 23rd March). She looked parched and almost bald. I thought the hot weather dried her up, but that’s not what happen to her.

The photo on the right is her today (dated 29th March 2016). She’s all green and fresh. She wasn’t dying. She was saving her life, rejuvenate and transformed. The result, she can provide shelter to the birds, motorists and the world around her.

If you keen to learn about Life from other creatures, this beautiful tree teaches us to let go what doesn’t benefit us anymore. She can hold on to the dry leaves because the leaves are part of her, or she can let go so new leaves can emerge.

On the surface of our Self, we too have leaves. Each leaf can represent anything we experience in this life. Each leaf shapes our personality, thinking and conditions. And each leaf has an expiry date.

When the expiry date arrives, the leaf has to go, or it will be a rotten leaf in our system, our memory and in our collective consciousness.

Some people might say ‘ If I let go this experience, this memory, I will lose myself‘.

If She (the tree) thinks like we do, she probably died by now. She knows what make her a tree is her essence as a tree, her root (inner) as the foundation of life. The leaves are her process of living. They are an extension of her personality and beauty too. But old leaves have to go so new leaves can grow.

If you think experiences define who you are, then you are living your life in suffering, mentally and emotionally. Every experience come and go. Old experience and memories (the energy of it), have to go so new one can emerge. Only through the process, we evolve and live unconditionally.

Learn to let go. You will never lose yourself because all the experiences are not YOU. It is just the story of your life. Even your personalities are not YOU because personalities change through seasons. Just like the tree and her leaves.

Find your essence and inner strength. Then let go things that no longer beneficial for you. Let go the pain that no longer heal you. Look at her again. She did it in seven days. Seven days of creation, so to speak. If we are wise, we can do it too.

Let go your old leaves and LIVE!

The original article taken from my Facebook Page, which I posted on 29th March 2016.

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