The Unrealistic Idea Finally Manifested

Sometimes when we manifest our dreams, we would have little thought about when it will manifest into reality. The process of ideas turning into reality and physical matter takes time. Some people take weeks, months, and some take years. It depends on how the idea manifested and whose manifesting it. For this, I encourage you to dive into the knowledge of Human Design.

Three days ago, I celebrated one of my dream, which I planted the seed in 2011-2012. When I had this idea, I have no clue when it turns into reality. All I know was, I would love to have organisation or corporations hire me to coach their individuals. And my idea of coaching is different and personal. It should be about Self-Empowerment and Inner Strength. In my imagination, I will meet their employees one person at the time and guide them to increase their state of love and vibration.

It is crazy to think that I would use their problems and guide them to turn it into Love. We could do this in the individual coaching but in corporate coaching? At the time, I don’t think the idea fit any corporation’s need. It would pull off better if I go for team-building and skills coaching. But that’s not in my interest. So I let the idea sit in for as long as it takes.

It is safe to say that four years later, the idea was born into reality. Last year, I was invited by a retail company to coach their promoters on the individual levels. It is as I imagined. We started off with individual sessions last year. And we also planned group coaching for them.

Feeling the space in which the idea is manifested

Group Coaching Manifestation

On 1st August 2016, I was sitting in front of the big meeting room staring at the manifested idea. I finally had my first group coaching from a corporation. The feeling was incredible and beautiful. I’m certainly looking forward to bring this idea to a deeper level. As we are moving into a conscious world, businesses around the world are shifting to conscious businesses and the empowerment skills now focuses on the individual level.

I hold on to the same principle and understanding that every human are here to play big roles (regardless the job statuses), and all of us have the power to change the world. It doesn’t matter what your jobs are, we are here to make different to ourselves and let the causes unfold the effects across the world. This is what I’m guiding them to see. And I feel  honoured to be part of this experience.


It's now energy in motionThe energy is in motion

When you have a dream or idea that is good for the world, even if it sounds unrealistic, let it unfold. Be the space and let it emerge into reality. Be the one that gives birth to it. Witness it. If it’s manifested from the higher vibration, the effects are across the time and space. Then you have done your part being in this world.

I Am Grateful and Thank You.

_MG_6303 (2)

Breathe With Me and Let Go


The Important Of Inner Energy to The Outside World


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