The Art of Giving Back

Healing anxiety and depression is going to take time unless you are the chosen one who is going to experience a leap of consciousness. For many people, healing happen gracefully, day to day basis. Just like waiting for a plant to grow. The process seems slow to the mind, but the life force energy can be felt if we pay attention to it. Same goes with healing in our body. Feel it and acknowledge it.

One of the healing steps I teach for Anxiety and Depression is Giving Back. The process is to train your body and mind to connect with others who need your contribution. Instead of becoming the victim of Anxiety and Depression, you become the healer who gives. You heal yourself in the giving process.

Giving back promotes the growth in Life. Giving back allows energy to flow in and out of you in harmony. Whenever you give-back, do it consciously. It can heals you.

Photo taken by: Joe Lai


9 thoughts on “The Art of Giving Back

  1. D says:

    I never put it in the perspective of healing by giving back. I will follow your advice. Thank you for sharing this. I am struggling with depression and anxiety for quite some time. It is hard to deal with and I am scared that it will never go away.

  2. Rose Osman - Your Personal Motivator says:

    Hi there D, Thank you for your comment 🙂 There are many ways to heal Anxiety and Depression gracefully. The process may seems small to the mind but the effects are big, internally. It’s about Trust that what we experience consciously and with Awareness can be a healing process. Giving back is one of the process which I experienced it myself. It works for me and I trust that it works for others too 🙂 May you find what’s heal for you.
    Keep in touch. Love, Rose.

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