What is Human Design? – For Those Who Confused.

 Almost everyone asked me ‘what is Human Design?’. I asked the same thing back in 2013!That’s the common question and it is so difficult for everyone who has not mastered Human Design to explain what is Human Design…(that including me!). And this is what I have to share after a good barefoot walk this morning.

Basically, Human Design is about Making Decision correctly as Your Self. What it means is, you are going to make decisions based on your body (the vehicle) and each body has its own Authority (inner Authority-Inner Guide). Throughout the process, you are going to realise that your body make decisions for you and you get to witness the process because the Personality (the mind) is no longer burden with the struggle to make decisions.

Oh The Confused Mind

Why Making Decisions with The Mind Is Not Healthy For Us?

Many people disagree with the idea that mind is incapable of making decisions for our Life and for the body. We believe that the mind is the highest form of intellect. What we do not see is the mind is the easiest form to be manipulated by the program and conditioning field.

Let’s use food as an example. An exposure to McDonald’s advertisement including the sounds and colours repeatedly play like a tape have drawn our Awareness and Consciousness into focusing on one product/food. That advertisement alone can convince our mind that McDonald is the food the body needs at the time, even when the body is not hungry.

When the moment comes for the body to consume food, the decision is already made by others through advertisement, influences, opinions and etc. We end up eat what we have been influenced because our mind makes that decision long before the body gets hungry.  Is this healthy? Is this the right decision for the body? What if the body actually need different food based on that moment of hunger? At that moment, our mind which is designed to see duality started to throw more options of foods. This is where we get stucks in confusion, doubts and endless suffering of choices. Now imagine if you have to make big decisions like…buying a car?

And because we are so powerless and incapable to make correct decisions (particularly when we use our mind that is designed to see duality), we end up gambling our decisions. Even worst, we let outside Authority make decisions for us. The results; suffering for the body, mind and Soul.

When to Use Our Authority?

We make decisions all the time. Choosing food is a form of decision making. If you are a Generator and Manifesting Generator, this is the best practice to trust your Sacral to choose food for you. If you are a Splenic Authority, use your body awareness. Splenic Authority usually speaks if there is something threatening to the body. Ever since I surrendered my decision making to my Splenic, I don’t get food poisoning or stomach discomfort anymore. Splenic Authority gave me the power to say no to the food that is unhealthy for the body.

All form of Authority has its way to help you make decisions. You can begin with small decision making like choosing foods. And when it comes to big decisions like buying a house, business, relationship, investment…you have already built that trust with your Authority.

Your Design, Your Experiments.

Human Design simply gives us the knowledge and Awareness to return the decision making power from the mind to the body. This is where it all begins; the awakening of the body, the health, the expansion of Awareness, the Love of our Self and much more.

When you begin to follow you Strategy and Authority correctly, your life change. The frequency of your Being change. The energy body and aura change. Give yourself a try. I can’t convince you how powerful it is when your Authority begins to rule your Life. You just have experiment it yourself.

Trust your Authority (Inner Guide). Let your mind struggle with this process for a while. Don’t bother about what it says. Slowly it will show you how beautiful the mind can be when it just becomes a passenger in this body.

Human Design3

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