#Different Kind of Motivation: The Walk We Have to Take.

In 2009, I left the job I love for something I thought was good for me. The moment I said “no” to the offer given by the regional director, I cried. The tears full of grief and fear for not knowing what will unfold.

Nine years later I realised that sometimes we have to take the walk we don’t want in order to fulfill our destiny. The journey was not easy and it never meant to be easy. But that’s how it empowers me, and it prepares me to inspire other.

Despite the struggle, I learn to love the journey and surrender to whatever it Is. That’s the only way I can enjoy every steps without doubting my own sacred journey.

You have your own sacred walk. Take it and honour it. You will be amazed by your strength and ability to enjoy Life even though at times when you have to walk under the stormy weather.

2 thoughts on “#Different Kind of Motivation: The Walk We Have to Take.

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    This is so true. Carving your own path can be incredibly daunting and scary, but so worth it to grow, to discover new experiences and to find our own sense of fulfilment. Great post! x

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