Finding Your Root.

What are your roots?

One thing I love about Human Design is it tells you what is the best environment that you can fulfil your purposes. Within these environments, if you live correctly as yourself, you are going to stand out in that environment. You are going to stand strong because you know your root. If you don’t know your root, you become the environment, and nobody can see you because you are living the frequency of the environment.

For example; one of my environments is filled with emotional stuff. That means I can only live my purposes in the presence of emotions; that include emotional pain, dramas, passions, sensuality, sexual, confrontation, traumas and so on.

Imagine what happens if I didn’t live at my own frequency? I surely become the drama and the emotional pain itself and no one could see me or feel my presence. I have no way to be the guide for them.

Ever since I follow my strategy and authority, I stand out more in this environment. I get to be the guide for those who need to feel emotional peace.

My task for this year is to learn about the confrontation that comes from this environment. All I can say that this is just a beginning. I already feel the pressure in many ways :).

Find your roots, know your environment and let your True-Self flowering in this life.

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9 thoughts on “Finding Your Root.

  1. blindzanygirl says:

    Are you saying we should learn how to luve in emotionally pain filled environments, or move to a different one?

    • Rose Osman - Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi blindzanygirl. You got the first one correct; which is to love in the presence of emotional pain. If I to move to a different environment, I won’t get to serve my purpose because I don’t have the right frequency to attune to. Environment is not a location, per say. It is the frequency in which I was born to receive and give. Your environment could be different than mine. Thank you for communicating. Much love, Rose.

      • blindzanygirl says:

        That makes perfect sense Rose. So sad that so many do not see it thhat wway. It is the. Only way we can grow. So many want to move peeople on without giving due cogizabce to wheere the person is at the moment. To move too quicklyy is to not face things fulky, and grow within them. Thankyou. I lived your post. Thankyou for taking the timee toreply.

      • Rose Osman - Your Personal Motivator says:

        I feel the same. We are not broken. We are just realigning ourselves through the pain. This is how we find ourselves too. I accept that this gonna be the way I serve my purpose and I’m gonna do it with love and grace. Thank you for reading my post. Really appreciate it. Hugs.

      • blindzanygirl says:

        Hugs to you too Rose. We find our own way through don’t we. I so appreciate you reading my Blog too. Thankyou. Much love

  2. saschahjort says:

    I love this! Super helpful perspective 😊 Im interesting in knowing who you personally felt that you were/are in the right environment/frequency? I find it a bit hard to know when my frequency is perfectly aligned with my purpose, if that makes sense 😊

    • Rose Osman - Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi Saschahjort, what I know is, I’m attracting people who have emotional intelligence into my space. Most of them don’t know they have the emotional intelligence. The shadow side of them is emotional pain. Therefore, I dealt a lot with people who have emotional pain. My purpose is to help them make peace with their pain. Now, everyone’s frequency and environment are different. I the only way to know is from a system called Human Design :). I invite you to check out yours.

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