The Unexpected Birthday.

Photo taken at The Coffee Bean, Empire Subang.

This is how I spent my 40th birthday. These people are strangers to me (except Joe) and yet Universe arranged us to meet, all for the same reason; spreading Human Design in Malaysia.

The lady (Ms. Koh) in white, contacted me yesterday, and invited me to meet up. Both of us study Human Design with IHDS (International Human Design School) and she did her’s in Taiwan. Both of us are from Penang too (go penangites)! And here’s the surprise… both of us are Right Angle Cross of Service; which means our purposes are almost similar (we are different in quarter). She’s being 4/6 and I’m a 2/4, we bond through similarity. I admire her courage when she responded to Human Design and bring the service to others.

Then came along her friends, each with their interests to bring Human Design to a wider audience.

I spent most of my time observing others and also reflecting how being 40 feels like. It is not about the numbers but the trajectory of life path and changes begin around 40s. I already feel the different today.

This is not how I think I will spend my birthday. What I experienced today is beyond what I have in mind. Here’s a lesson I picked up today. When our purpose flow through us, we can’t ignore the calling. I’ve seen it in me. I’ve seen it in these people.

Anyway, thank you to all my family and friends who wishes me a wonderful birthday. Love all of you!

Looking forward to more fabulous forty and fulfilling life!

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