Human Design – Mundane Life.

I met a wise man who told me that my life will never be boring. He said that my environment is surrounded by emotional frequency; mostly projection of dramas, sexual, passion, traumas, pain and inner spirit. Then he said that in this mundane life is where my spirituality will thrive. Here, within ordinary life is where I live extraordinarily.

He is right. 

I recognised the environment and the dramas. I know I can’t escape the environment, but I certainly can be present and train my brain to observe beyond the surface. From there, I learn many things about people’s emotion; their passion and emotional outburst, their pain and hope, their nervousness and calmness. I feel all these through my body.

I used to be tossed around by people’s emotions. Back in high school, a friend of mine told me that my mood was like a bomb. I carried that from a child to my adulthood. Imagine living in an environment that filled with emotional frequency and everything that comes with it flow through your system and you amplify it as an empath. I know I was not an easy person to deal with, emotionally.

To those who have dealt with me and they feel hurt, my sincere apology for the pain I caused and the ignorance.

Ever since I learned about my environment and living in it as an empath, the knowing frees me from all the emotional burden that I carried. Throughout the years, I learn to be present and allow people’s emotions flow through me without attachment. I’m still releasing all the past wound too. I hope it heals, not just me but everyone else.

I am eternally Grateful for this moment. In this silence and solitude mundane life, I feel peaceful.

And let’s acknowledge that if emotions can bring us pain, it can also bring us Peace.

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Thank you for reading, I hope this can shed some lights on your journey! Blessing to you all. Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

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