Human Design – The Art of Waiting II.

I don’t normally put a quote in my photo but this one is important to share along with my short post about waiting as a Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator and Reflector. In fact, Manifestors have to wait at some point too.

Waiting on a mental level can make you feel like wasting of time. That is because the mind is so conditioned by the 7 centered to be like a Manifestor, therefore, waiting become an option for the mind.

So every single time you contemplate about waiting, the mind will give you an option “why wait?”. The mind loves to think that it can initiate and generate (doing) without realising that itself is not an energy center.

And without any source of energy, the mind forces the body to do it. We end up using our energy at the wrong timing or for the wrong purposes/work.

If you want to know where your mind thinks it can get the energy? Look at your openness. Imagine you with an open root, end up rushing for things that not even need to be hurry, and burnout your adrenaline along the process.

Naturally, our body love to wait because right timing is so precious. While waiting for specific things, we do what the body do and we moves as the body moves.

And if we can grasp that waiting is not about doing nothing, waiting can be a graceful movement towards success, satisfaction and inner peace.

To practice waiting as a state of spirituality, follow your Strategy and Authority. Slowly you will get to feel your right timing for everything.

Photo: Sunset in Klang, Malaysia.

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