Human Design – Happy Rave New Year.

A few days ago when Joe and I were resting on the couch, I told her to put her feet on the table next to mine. She asked, “What for?” I said I have an inspiration for my next post and “your feet are available”. Trusting what I just said (LOL), she rested her feet next to mine.

I found this transcript when I was doing keynotes on Incarnation Cross. It’s about we do not have a choice who we meet in this life.

We are choiceless in this body. And the body has its own movement and trajectory, driven by Magnetic Monopole. All that we created out of the illusion of choice is resistance.

On the other hand, when we move in our path, we are given the power to make decisions between choosing what is correct and what is not correct for us. Correctness doesn’t mean all are white and beautiful. Incorrectness can be masked through charm and beauty. That’s how illusion plays us. The mind sees illusions. Therefore, it is hard for the mind to make the correct decision. Only our Authority knows what is correct for us and what is not. And everyone has their own Authority to help them make decisions, especially when it comes to big decisions like relationships.


Here’s the transcript.

“It doesn’t matter who you meet. The moment that you see it within the context of helpless choiceless geometry, you’d better respect who is in your face. Just let it be. Be you and see what happens. See if the geometry holds, see where it takes you” – Ra


I hope this can help you understand that sometimes what we perceive as good, may not be good at all. Sometimes what we think is bad, may give us an abundance of goodness and joy. The power to choose is never in our head but in our Authority.

By the way, we just entered into Gate 41. This mark another new cycle for 2019. I wish you a wonderful journey in discovering your uniqueness.

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Thank you for reading, I hope this can shed some lights on your journey! Blessing to you all. Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

5 thoughts on “Human Design – Happy Rave New Year.

  1. blindzanygirl says:

    There is such a lot that I would like to say in response to this post. All of what you say is true. We have to have discernment and sadly we do not always have it. I am very interested in your take on things. I know all this to be true, and it has been my experience, but you have put it in a different way. I utterly believe in this Illusions thing. Yes, we need to be able to decipher what the illusions are. Not always easy, because in the case of the people who come into our lives, they wear masks, and seeing through the mask in some cases is hard, because the masks are well built. For a purpose! I would like to say that in my own case, I would not have chosen to have serious and advanced cancer, but in fact, though I loathe and detest how I have been left, it has taught me so much, and COULD be seen as a GOOD thing. I am grateful for the spiritual things it has taught me, even though sometimes I still lose the plot. We are all human. In short though, I love this post, and would love to read some more of your ideas. I will certainly visit your site, though we are poor, with having to constantly pay out a lot of money to keep our lives as badly disabled people going. But I wish you every success. And thankyou for continuing to visit my site, which I appreciate very much. I will now read some more of your stuff, and would love to make comnent and discuss. The bit about Authority, I am interested in. Who or what is our Authority? I would like to know more about how you see that. I say God, for myself, but then I do not believe in an old man in the sky. Is God simply our innner Self? Or is there REALLY Something transcendent and higher than us, and outside our Self. I truly do not know. Interesting thoughts. Sorry my response is so long!

    • Rose Osman - Your Personal Motivator says:

      Hi blindzanygirl. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I’m myself witnessing how my life is unfolding in the illusion of choices. We create so much resistance because we think we can control Life. We can’t even control our body 🙂

      About Authority, each individual has an inner power that specifically wired within their body. That inner power is known as Authority (or sometimes we called it Inner Authority). There are 7 types of Inner Authority in this world. Each body (as in each human being) has one Inner Authority. My Authority is called Splenic. It is ruled by my Immune System through Intuitions and Instincts. Basically, my body knows what is safe and healthy for me. And it is not just about taking food but it can also tell me who is the right people to engage to, where is the safe place etc.

      Authority is used to help us make decisions in the life full of illusion. The body knows what is real, whereas the mind sees illusions. Therefore, Authority can dictate what will keep this body safe and nourish. The mind doesn’t know that. Furthermore, the mind is incapable to make decisions because it is wired to see things in two polarities. That is why, whenever we want something, the mind will add an option to it. Mind’s job is to help us see duality, that’s all.

      You can check your Authority in this website, Go to ‘Free Chart’. Or you can email me and I can check it out for you (whichever convenient for you) 🙂

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