Human Design – Listen and Observe.

Good morning beautiful souls!

Whether you are Defined Ajna or Undefined Ajna, practice to observe your thoughts is a powerful process of awakening.

Step out of thinking doesn’t mean you stop thinking. In fact, trying tAll Postso stop thinking is madness especially if you are a Defined Ajna person.

Imagine your thoughts like a friend you have and this friend loves to talk. What you normally do when your friend is talking? The best form of friendship is listening without judgement.

Same with your thoughts and mind. Listen and observe without reacting to every words your thoughts is saying. This practice is a form of meditation.

You (The Observer), observing your thoughts (the mind and its voices).

Remember that the practice is not to identify you as your thoughts. You are more than what your mind is thinking. In Human Design, your mind can only relate on the Personality Level (the Black color gates). But your wholeness is Black and Red (Personality and Design).

This is what we do in Living Your Design Awakening Program too. We (the guides) guide you to observe what your mind says about you, particularly about your open centers… because in the openness is where it likely to drive you crazy as a not self.

Personally this practice helps me with anxiety, depression and also in my awakening through Human Design.

You can do it right now. The tips is… pay attention to it without judgement or react towards the thoughts. Give it a try.

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