Human Design – My Kind of Drinks!

Good morning beautiful souls!

Lime and Lemon cooler and Oolong Rose Tea.

I had the Lime Lemon Cooler three days ago and Rose Tea two days ago. Love them especially Rose Tea. No sugar in both of these drinks.

I take cold drinks these days. It suits my Human Design PHS diet which is Cold Thirst. Ever since I changed my diet from hot to cold, I rarely feel bloated.

We are still in the week of emotional eating. Pay attention to the moods. I will post some food photos if I have a mood later. Meantime, honour your moods because they are beautifully empowering.

Note: Everyone has a different digestive theme. Therefore, cold diet may not suits your body. Please consult Human Design PHS Analysts to know more about your diet regimen.

My suggestion to you; begins with experimenting your Strategy and Authority before you begin your PHS. The decision to shift your diet should be made by your body (through your Authority). Only your Authority knows when is the right timing to shift your diet.

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Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

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